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Muse Sessions: 
Conversation and Inspiration

Lovingly Crafted Oracle Card and Stone Readings

Muse Sessions are Personalized and Magically inspired support for slaying creative stuckness, enhancing wellness, kindling your gifts, stoking motivation and courageously walking your path in FULL freakin' color. 

Muse Sessions consist of a three card spread and a spotlight stone to delve deep into your desired area of focus. 

Readings will be delivered via email as a candid mp3 recording and artistically styled photo of your spread.

Your session may be a general reading or designed to focus on a specific subject. 

* Please allow up to 7 days for the crafting of your reading. *
* Upon purchasing, you will receive a follow up email to begin creating your session!*

I can't wait to work with you--

Book your Muse Session below, Moon Baby! 


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