Friday, June 23, 2017

Beauty Revelations Spread

In honor of 28 Days of Beauty, I wanted to start by sharing a simple card spread to help us gain insight into our Beauty mission. This spread works with tarot and oracle cards alike! If you don't have cards, the queries can be easily translated into journal prompts.

[Card 1] 
How am I experiencing beauty in my life right now?
What is my current relationship with Beauty?

[Card 2] 
How am I blocked to experiencing and appreciating beauty?
In what ways am I or (what is causing me to be) constricted, bypassing or missing it?

[Card 3] 
How can I bring more beauty into my experience right now?
Which area of my life can be infused with all forms of beauty: aesthetic, spiritual, trans-personal?

[Card 4] 
Ways I can expand and bring beauty to the benefit of those around me: partners, home, family,friendships, school, work, community, online community or neighborhood? What could that look like?

[Card 5]
In reference to Card 4, by expanding this way-- how is my own essential beauty Revealed?

I would love to know what you discover!
Walk in Beauty, Moon Babies.

Witch On, Witch Boldly.


  1. I loved the idea of journal prompts and that worked out smashingly! Thank you! πŸƒπŸŒΌπŸƒ

  2. Just learning tarot and oracle, bought my first cards a few weeks ago. Can't wait to try this spread. :-)

  3. Ok, I've never done anything like this before and while I was journaling, one particular thing jumped out at me almost begging to be shared. So I'm going to go ahead and post this before I change my mind. The thing that jumped out at me was: share your story about vaginismus. WHAT? Ok, here goes. I'm 27 and I was brought up in a tradition that sought to suppress feminine sexuality. The first time I spoke to my mother about sex, I asked her what her first time with my father had been like. The answer she gave me was 'Oh I don't know. Strange.' Strange. The first word I ever heard used to define sex. Not something that was beautiful or unifying or loving. But strange. Earlier in my teens, while in a hotel on holiday, my father had torn a strip into me for dancing to a song on the radio in what I suppose was a provocative way. He jokingly told me at sixteen that he would allow me to have a church wedding, provided there was physical proof that I was still intact. While other girls at school were obtaining the enviable accessory of a 'boyfriend' and bragging about first kisses and other lines crossed, I became more and more rigid and afraid of it. My first time with the man who is now my husband at the age of 22 landed me in hospital. A hospital in Russia, where, even though I spoke Russian, there was no one I could talk to about it who would truly understand. I was examined by a gynaecologist for the first time ever and mocked by the doctors. It took me a year to be able to properly talk about it with a close friend. Four years on and I'm still struggling. It goes up and down (forgive the pun! What pun?!) Some days and good and sometimes a bad patch lasts a few months. It's only now, through the videos of Molly and other amazing people like her, that I'm starting to embrace my sexuality and not see it as something to be squashed. Women need to speak up about this and teach society not to normalize painful sex. Teach our kids that sex can be the best thing in the world, if it's with the right person and that our sexual energy can be such a beautiful thing, if it's spread around in the right way. I want to teach my daughter not to be afraid to ask questions and explore and most of all, to please, please love the unique, beautiful body that she has been given to inhabit and that she doesn't need to cheapen herself or be anything less than herself to feel and be beautiful. Anyhow, that's my story. If anyone's read this far, thanks for sticking with me and if there's the tiniest chance that another sister has read this and related to it, then I'll be chuffed. Here's to what other changes and lessons this new moon cycle will bring! Love and hugs to everyone xxx

  4. Hi. Thank you for this spread to start the 28 days, lots to think about.
    I used the Tarot Of The Crone, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.
    1 Grandmother of Swords. Hear the messages of my meditations, take the beauty of the gifts of my mind.
    2 Eight of Wands. I am not excepting the beauty that I do have, I should not be looking for the "if only's" What I have I could share.
    3. Choose to express your beauty in big or little ways. I have the choice to live in a beautiful way.
    4. X Wheel. Choose the ways that feel right. Trust in Fate, bringing beauty in any form to the World, animals and the people around you will just bring more beauty. Do not over think it.
    5. I Magician. My own beauty is Revealed in being myself, being original. I have all I need, it is in my hands.

  5. Lovely spread Molly, I can't wait to try it. The question is... What deck to use? I'm thinking crystal visions �� Xx