Friday, June 23, 2017

Beauty Revelations Spread

In honor of 28 Days of Beauty, I wanted to start by sharing a simple card spread to help us gain insight into our Beauty mission. This spread works with tarot and oracle cards alike! If you don't have cards, the queries can be easily translated into journal prompts.

[Card 1] 
How am I experiencing beauty in my life right now?
What is my current relationship with Beauty?

[Card 2] 
How am I blocked to experiencing and appreciating beauty?
In what ways am I or (what is causing me to be) constricted, bypassing or missing it?

[Card 3] 
How can I bring more beauty into my experience right now?
Which area of my life can be infused with all forms of beauty: aesthetic, spiritual, trans-personal?

[Card 4] 
Ways I can expand and bring beauty to the benefit of those around me: partners, home, family,friendships, school, work, community, online community or neighborhood? What could that look like?

[Card 5]
In reference to Card 4, by expanding this way-- how is my own essential beauty Revealed?

I would love to know what you discover!
Walk in Beauty, Moon Babies.

Witch On, Witch Boldly.