Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Invocation of an Art Witch: To My Quarters

To the North--
To the Spirit of tar tacky pavement,
To the stenciled crumbling bunker,
To the creatures of slippery clay,
of dumpster & bakery,
vigilante sun flowers
and sidewalk chalk for days

I call to you, I honor you,
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the East--
To the Spirit of the jay-walking Muse,
To the dance-floor-fog-machine,
To the creature of yawning steeple bell that marks the time, 
the accidental rainbow,
my favorite pen (black, never blue)
and the blaring car window serenade

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the South--
To the Spirit of Naked blackened matches
To the Hopscotch of Electricity and genius of mosh pit
To the creatures of thirsty charcoal smudges,
these sparklers,
this hunger
and the tannery smoke stack
struck by lightning

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the West--
To the Spirit of haunted steaming sewer grate
To the ink flood & flow of paint blood
To the creatures of the lapping dead,
polished beach glass,
bursting gutters,
Water color
and our tattoos

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?

Let's Play.

Witch On, Witch Boldly


  1. Very cool quarter calls: urban, gritty and magical all the same. Let's Play! Love it :)

  2. So cool and inspiring, thank you Molly! I will try to write an invocation to my neighbourhood as well ^____^

  3. Thank you for posting this! I watched your YouTube video with this voice-over and wanted to transcribe it. Great stuff!

  4. Hi there, I've been meaning to tell you Molly that your "Invocation of an Artwitch: To my Quarters" is not only stunning magickally but also such well written lyrical prose. You are so incredibly talented as a writer, artist, magickal practitioner, musician, lyricist & are a beautiful city kitty with lots of "meeeoow"!!! You are an inspiration to this middle aged Ol' "country cat"! Lol No truly I do live in the country by the sea now but before that I had been a city kitty for my entire life myself until our "sea change" a few years ago.

    Your an inspiration to me amongst so many others I'm sure. I believe no matter how old we are & how much we think we know, we are never too old to be educated & to learn and be inspired by others. Also Molly you so remind me of my own mother when she was a young Mum in the swinging 60s. Whom would pick me up from school in miniskirts & high laced boots & fashions just like Twiggy. Huge fashion icon from the 60s but u probably knew that right! Hee hee Your hair texture is just like hers & your mannerisms are dynamically & incredibly similar.

    She used to work in the city too. She was no stay at home Mum. Lol, she was part of the wave of feminism, equal pay for women & so much more. She also had an incredible career in Law. She used to call herself either a "cool cat or a city slicker"and her nickname was either "Cat or Kitten" and it still is to this day. She is nearly 80 now & stilll loves her literature, music being creative and so much more but she has never got into computers & has never needed or wanted to. Which is fair enough at her age IMHO right!

    Anyway yesterday I read her your invocation piece and she was truly thrilled by it. She also used to be an English teacher before studying law too. Then she said to me that she believes that you could be the voice for your generation and that your naturally gifted with words that flow so well; actually mesmerising your readers into your world. She hasn't seen your art etc yet but she will asap. As she & Dad live up the top of Australia in tropical Darwin & we are right down the bottom in South Australia. I miss her so much but fly there twice a year for lots of family fun and love in the tropics.

    They moved there because of her bad health as her Drs said one more cold winter down here could bring her down severely risking her actual life because she always gets so chronically ill every single winter with severely dangerous bronchial asthma. She has very poor health in general but she is so strong and radiant in spirit. If you met her, you would love her because when she chats with people she is just as smart, witty, topical & fun to talk to, just like when she was young. Also my Mum said to give you Blessings & "Cat purrs" to such a sleek & smart "city kitty" Molly & that she is lighting a "blessing" candle for you tonight. She loves candles just like I do.

    Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to let you know how talented & loved you are even by those you've never heard or know of. Also to thank you from me & my "Mother Cat" named Margaret BTW. Another similarity is your names as well.

    Thank you Molly for being such an inspiration to me, my Mum & other family members too. We both wish you all the best in all your endeavours and I await your next blog & video with much anticipation. I may not comment often but when I do it's usually a lot. Lol

    Who says you can't "teach an Ol' country cat ex city kitty" new tricks!Lol :)

    Blessed Be & love Cazangelcat "Caz"⭐️❤️������