Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Invocation of an Art Witch: To My Quarters

To the North--
To the Spirit of tar tacky pavement,
To the stenciled crumbling bunker,
To the creatures of slippery clay,
of dumpster & bakery,
vigilante sun flowers
and sidewalk chalk for days

I call to you, I honor you,
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the East--
To the Spirit of the jay-walking Muse,
To the dance-floor-fog-machine,
To the creature of yawning steeple bell that marks the time, 
the accidental rainbow,
my favorite pen (black, never blue)
and the blaring car window serenade

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the South--
To the Spirit of Naked blackened matches
To the Hopscotch of Electricity and genius of mosh pit
To the creatures of thirsty charcoal smudges,
these sparklers,
this hunger
and the tannery smoke stack
struck by lightning

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?
Let's Play.

To the West--
To the Spirit of haunted steaming sewer grate
To the ink flood & flow of paint blood
To the creatures of the lapping dead,
polished beach glass,
bursting gutters,
Water color
and our tattoos

I call to you, I honor you
Are you in?

Let's Play.

Witch On, Witch Boldly


  1. Very cool quarter calls: urban, gritty and magical all the same. Let's Play! Love it :)

  2. So cool and inspiring, thank you Molly! I will try to write an invocation to my neighbourhood as well ^____^

  3. Thank you for posting this! I watched your YouTube video with this voice-over and wanted to transcribe it. Great stuff!

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