Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can Magick Change The World? 20 Micro Magick Ideas

Can we really use magick to effect greater change in the world at large? Does lighting a seven day candle to
end world hunger or hexing a slimy celebrity do anything?

Regretfully, one can't say for certain. However, I can confidently attest that there is indeed a place and a need for magick in our life outside of ritual. 
The skills of the magickal practitioner have merit beyond of the coziness of our altars and comment threads. Witches and magicians are extremely useful to society as teachers, healers, illuminators, nourishers, space holders, inventors, oracles, innovators, improvisors, mentors and creators of all kinds.  

 If you're anything like me, sometimes THE WORLD can feel like a crushing slushy unforgivness that is much too much and certainly too damnably screwed for anything-- supernatural or otherwise-- to be of assistance. 

 That being said, some magickal methods may be more effective than others. We need to be specific.

My favorite method for 
world swirling is micro magick

a bite sized spell composed of equal parts magickal intention and grounded action that ripples and grows over time. Often the idea is to use the ritual act or symbol as an internal support mechanism for your external action. 

Combining our ethics, energy and action 
produces a powerful enchantment.

A Few Micro Magick Possibilities to get you Started...

1) Create a ritual dedicating yourself to continuing education.

2) Don't tell people what to do, show them what they can do.

3) Carry a charm as a reminder to be compassionate.

4) Dedicate + Bless your home as a sanctuary and open your doors.

5) Practice listening without needing to answer.

6) Embark on shadow work to investigate issues surrounding money so you can better use it as a tool for good.

7) Take any and every opportunity you can to build people up and mean it.

8) Dedicate yourself to radical self care as an act of self preservation.

9) Speak joyfully about your own body. (Ears are listening. Eyes are watching.)

10) Mark art and show it to people.

11) Support local artists, crafters, musicians, writers, actors, dancers and magicians.

12) Enchant yourself to speak your Truth.

13) Recharge in nature to bring your strongest, most powerful self back into the World.

14) Create a talisman to banish anxiety about meeting and talking to new humans.

15) Mentor young people. (It's easy. Just listen.)

16) Meditate (and teach others to meditate) to create the space for solutions and health to enter.

17) Start a book coven (club) on or offline to investigate and conversate about issues that matter to you.

18) Dedicate yourself to being guardian of a green space and do what a guardian does.

19) Cook up a brew for stress relief, restful sleep or good digestion and share it with friends. 

19) Follow through on your instinct to reach out to others when you think of them.

20) Set lights to remind yourself that you are also a bright burning empowered light.

What micro magicks will you weave in the world, Moon Baby?

Witch On. Witch Boldly. XOXO

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  1. Thank you! So many great ideas. Loved waking up to your email this morning, what a great way to start the day ��