Thursday, January 12, 2017

4 Ways We Muck Up Our Magick

"I tried. It didn't work. Do you have a spell for that?" 

I often hear from frustrated magickaly minded creatures who are displeased with their casting efforts and looking for feedback.They planned, they said all the words, they waved their arms around and lit all the right stuff on fire. They concentrated. They meant it. Nothing is happening. Why isn't it working?

It's not because you didn't do it right. It's not because it wasn't meant to be. You don't need a new script, lizard carcass or bigger crystal grid. (Okay, maybe a bigger crystal grid...)

In my experience, it has less to do with the right prop details or planetary alignment and more to do with getting out of our own way. 

Let's look at four common and easily cured causes of magickal clogs...

1) We sabotage our efforts with small talk.

I've personally tripped over this for years. In our culture (especially here in the Midwest) self deprecation in friendly conversation is the norm. Women in particular are socially trained to undercut and disqualify themselves in a discussion (ex: This is probably stupid, but...) before anyone else has the chance. In uneventful social situations we often revert to complaining because it's easy and whining is better than awkward silence, right? It's an ingrained behavior that is both subtle and deceivingly powerful.

Our words of power and toxic talk come from the same place. 
Experiment with the tone and topics of your speech and see what Shifts.

2) We ignore signs because they just aren't interesting.

The world is an enormous feedback machine. Magickal information is everywhere if you're paying attention. However, we often overlook the signs, symbols, sychronicity and dreams we've feverishly petitioned for because they just weren't exciting enough. Signs need not be of biblical proportions to be potent!

While flamboyant communications from the Universe make for exciting metaphysical fish stories, subtle signs are hidden in plain sight and are here to help.

3) We allow our peers to quietly poison our plans.

We all have that friend--the one who tries to protect us by finding hairline fractures in our ideas or valiantly plays devils advocate. Whether they try to bring you to earth because of a deep concern for your welfare or are secretly envious, it's all sabotage.

You don't have to hang out exclusively with wizards to have a healthy tribe or make magick. However, if your friends (magickal or otherwise) try to talk you out of the exciting weird plans you've made, it's probably best for the health of your magick to keep the scheme to yourself.

This is not to be confused with keep silent about all witchery. Some people thrive on sharing their plans as a form of accountability which can bring power and enthusiasm to a working. But if the sharing results in distraction, doubt and deflating your dream balloon, find a new friend to tell.

4) We care more about other people's business than 
our own wonderful bum. 

Let's say you're a hen, your life is your nest, your priorities (your magick, your working) are your beautiful eggs and your attention is the life giving warmth that radiates from your luxurious bum.

Every aspect of your life is an egg: your friends, money, housing, relationships, conflicts, work, health, conversations, media consumption, conquests, leisure, study, etc.

Every time we get wrapped up in unnecessary drama, putter for hours on social media, obsess about frenemies and estranged relatives, celebrity gossip or martyr activities we add more eggs to the nest while depriving the eggs that matter of your majestically nourishing creative-tush.

What kind of cosmic espresso jolt could we offer our magick if we gathered up all the energy we're sprinkling on other people's business and shot it at our own life?

Cuddle the eggs that matter. 
Mind your bum.
Make amazing change in your life.

Witch On, Witch Boldly, XOXO


  1. Love how you illustrate your point. Love the bum! All very pertinent not oft talked about points. Thank you for your insights Molly:)

  2. This is so so true...but often ignored or forgotten! Thanks for your words!