Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Witch Playlist

Some of my earliest active-imagination-memories as a child were of wintry landscapes--
Bejeweled tudra or hushed mountain forests inhabited by snow sorceresses and frost faeries.

Even today as a resident of the Midwest where the weather is often a nuisance and deadly at it's worst, there is still magick for me.

Icicle crowns, cascading drifts, 
wailing winds, sparkling periwinkle twilight, 
the haunting northern lights...

To celebrate stepping into winter, I've compiled a Winter Witch Playlist that gets me in the snow-queen-state-of-mind. I hope you enjoy this collection of enchanting sounds for strange snowy days...

Winter Blessings & Happy Solstice!

Stay Cool, Witches XOXO

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