Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Using Pinterest on the Astral

I receive lots of questions about ways to improve the quality of our meditations, journeying and in some cases, surf around and build stuff on the astral. The first way is to, well...meditate. But there is supplementary work we can do to enhance our meditative experiences.

 Pinterest-- It's not just a time suck!  Here are a few ways you can use the Pinterest rabbit hole to go down your own rabbit hole...

Discovering Portals. 

You're asking, "What is a portal and how do I make one?!"  

The definition of a portal is a doorway, gate or other entrance.  It's an entry, a place that takes you to another place. That's it! (There's no star gate scenario or goat blood necessary.) Holes in the wall like doors and windows, good books, and the entire Internet are examples of portals.

You can collect images for use in meditation to enter worlds of your choice and design.
Think wells, garden gates, hollow trees, caves, key holes...

Find an image + use it in meditation = portal creation. Pathworking isn't just for tarot cards!

Speaking of Tarot...

To deepen our understanding and get to the gooey center of an archetype illustrated in the tarot, it may be useful and fun to pathwork the same card from different decks

There are thousands of artistic interpretations of the seventy eight cards and no two are alike. Devote a board to the grouping of images of the same card (i.e. only images of the Moon), print them out or use your phone in meditation to explore each artists interpretation of the symbols. 

You'll find the worlds are vastly different with their own unique offerings.

Design the Whole Dang World

If collecting images to enter a meditative landscape works well for you, you can devote a board to fleshing out a room, temple, or a whole world that you've designed on the astral.

What is the weather like? Are there seasons here? Does anyone or anything else live there? Is there vegetation? Is there a history?What does the air sound like?What books live on the shelves?

Put on your Author Hat and start filling in details to give your creations life.

 Expensive Set Ups

One of the MANY delectable benefits of astral workings is that your resources are limitless. Your magick is as intense as your imagination allows. 

You want 9,000 candelabras dressed in sweet dripping beeswax? You got it. You need a quartz generator the size of a watermelon? Done. Spell requires herbs that are on endangered species lists and you want to be able to sleep at night? Presto. 

Want to lay a hundred perfect crystal points in the perfect grid for your perfect spell, but you have cats and THEY CAN'T KEEP THEIR FEET TO THEMSELVES AND MOVE ALL OF IT WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING? 

Don't worry, it's on the Astral. The cats there have manners.

Curating images of elaborate spell and altar set ups doesn't just have to be a favorite time waster, feed a materialistic magpie desire for stuff (let's get real, you guys know I love stuff...) or get you down about your budget for insane ritual items--

They can become an inspiration bank for sacred spaces on the dreamscape and aid you in creating some effing cool magick.

So let's ask ourselves, what is our ritual like in our dreams? 

Let's do that...

Happy Surfing, Moon Babies. 
Witch On, Witch Boldly. XOXO 



  1. Interesting ideas! I like to use them for creative inspiration but I do have trouble visualising things well, which really sucks for a person with a good imagination. :p I like your thinking, especially the point about the tarot.

  2. I love the portal idea especially <3

  3. Aaaahhh that's such a fantastic idea! Pinterest usually ends up as a collective wish list for me, so I am loving the concept of using it as literal astral inspiration!