Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art Witch E-Primer

There are green witches, ceremonial witches, sea witches, hedge witches, kitchen witches, tech witches, dream witches, urban witches, chaos witches, swamp witches, word witches, desert witches, lunar witches, solar witches, pop witches, weather witches...just to name a few...

I, am an art witch.

Living as both a trained artist and magical thinker has offered me the adventure of existing betwixt the technical know-how of creating fine art and the mystery school of magick to experience a world between worlds that I am deeply passionate about and excited to share with you...

Super sigils, artistic alchemy, 
uncovering hidden messages, and making tons of enchanted stuff

Art Witch: Practical Tactics for Art Magick hopped straight out of my grimoire and presents a step-by-step art magick process in a witchpacked 30 page pdf.   

In this e-primer we shall dabble in...

  • What magick might be
  • How art is like magick
  • How magick acts like art
  • Possibilities for Art Magick
  • Engaging with magical media & sacred studio spaces
  • Weaving layers of Meaning and infusing magick in each step of the process
  • Form, Function, Color, Destinations, Experiments... 

            And doodles. Lots of doodles.

Sound like fun?

Witch On, Witch Boldly & I'll meet you in the book...

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  1. Hey Molly! You've been a super great teacher for this budding witch! I've been reading Women Who Run With The Wolves non-stop lately. It's a perfect amalgamation of feminism and myth for me since I'm about to go into my freshman year of college and I'm going to major in anthropology. Do you have anymore book recommendations? I'd love a post or a youtube video full of amazing books that have influenced you or your practice.