Tuesday, November 22, 2016

4 Powerful Gratitude Rituals (That Aren't Journals)

I am a strong advocate of keeping journals, but it's not for everyone.

Sometimes the peer pressure to juggle a dozen different logs in an impossible quest for Hyper Organized Zen-dom is just that: Impossible. 

While writing is important because our words carry power, sometimes (most times) carving out regular uninterrupted alone time to detail all of our thoughts in gorgeous bound volumes whilst enjoying a latte at our favorite sun filled tea house just feels...worlds away.

What happens when we feel discouraged and fall off the Perfection Wagon? 

We just stop doing it all together. 

It could also be that journaling just isn't your jam--and that's fine!

This month we've been focusing on Gratitude and cultivating Thankfulness. While keeping a gratitude journal is perhaps the most popular way of meditating on our blessings, it's not the only way. 

Here are a few ideas for integrating doable gratitude practices into your Real Life that don't involve keeping a journal...

Keep It in Your Pocket. 
You can foster feelings of gratitude by assigning meaning to small objects you use daily: A smooth stone in your pocket, a ring that you wear regularly or a simple talisman you keep on your key chain. The quiet reminder will encourage gratitude to well up within you with each use!

Growing Pot of Gold. 
The image you see below is an accidental gratitude working in my home. What started as a simple catch-all for loose change has inadvertently become a full blown prosperity altar. Don't you love when that happens?

You can create a powerful on-going gratitude visual by simply tossing your loose change or found treasures from your walks into a dish, bowl or plate with the intention of counting your blessings. This is an activity/spell/practice that the whole family can participate in. <-- This is illegally fun. You've been warned.

Cut and Paste Tribute. 
Create a collage (or make your own images if you desire) of what and who matters to you.

It is easy to slip into complacency and take the constant nourishing parts of our lives for granted because they don't offer the exciting high of newness

Much like a dreamboard, display your artwork in a prominent place you visit regularly such as your phone wallpaper, work desk, bedroom vanity, computer desktop or above the bathroom mirror as a reminder of what feeds your soul.

Bless Your Grub.
Saying "Grace" isn't just for dinner at Grandma's house! Giving thanks for a meal needn't be a formal, long winded or even audible performance.

Taking a brief moment to consider the animal or plant on your plate, the perfect combination of water and sun required to create the food, the people who nurtured and transported it--
Perhaps the people who prepared the meal-- 
to say 'Thank You'  can transform a thoughtless snack into a full blown blessing experience. 

A few tips for creating your own successful and sustainable gratitude rituals:

* Keep it Simple. REALLY Simple.

* You're busy, don't add superfluous stuff for the sake of adding stuff. Assign meaning to things you already do.

* Make sure the ritual reoccurs often enough to stay potent and present in your routine.

How do you cultivate Gratitude Magick in your busy lives, Moon Babies?

Witch On, Witch Boldly XOXO


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I absolutely love your little accidental gratitude altar! I'm about to move, and will definitely be stealing that idea for my new place! I use this type of non-journaling gratitude practice by saying a little incantation when I cook, eat, run water, cuddle with my partner, notice my cat napping, and even when I flush the toilet lol! It's easy to take our daily conveniences for granted unless we consciously add a little Magick to our mundane habits. Great post!

  2. yessss! so much goodness here! these are brilliant & lovely ideas. <3