Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days of Gratitude

November is a highly underrated month. 

I know, I know,  it doesn't have the sexiness of October--dripping with Samhain magick and Halloween insanity, it's true. However, while we're encouraged to go inward, go inward, go inward, and reflect reflect reflect during the dark half of the year, it seems impossible to achieve when one is manically planning rituals, taking witchlings trick-or-treating, and flitting from event to event...

Now that the charcoal ash and silly string 
of the celebrations and gatherings have settled 
there is an e x h a l e and p a u s e.

I find that November offers us an austere beauty that brings a peace and clarity unlike any other time of the year. To celebrate this open space, I'll be using the next thirty days to meditate upon and cultivate gratitude:

To dig deep, reflect and enjoy the fullness of the year,
of this Life. 

Would you like to play along, Moon Baby? I invite you to join me for daily prompts on my facebook page. 

Feel free to jump in on the comments, share the posts with your peers, play on instagram, keep a journal, start a gratitude jar, pen your own blog posts, start practicing that gratitude ritual-- participate in any way (as much or as little) as you wish!

I'm tickled to spend the month of November with you.

Deep Thanks + Moon Dust XOXO


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