Saturday, October 29, 2016

Use Election Anxiety Like a Boss Witch

So you've unfriended everyone you know, been drinking the lavender lemonade, using your best psychic hygiene and cleansing practices, meditating regularly, thrown away your television, looked at real estate on the moon and STILL feel beat down by the constant barrage of demoralizing election vibes?

It's okay. Me too.

There are two pieces of good news. First, it's nearly over.
Secondly, we don't have to crawl in a hole and hide from it--we can use it.

Here a few Boss Witch tactics for making the best use 
of the Election Energy Frenzy:

"Ezlynn the Industrial Witch" by Bobbie Berendson. She's  a boss witch.

Imbue handy objects with your rage. Witches, Wizards and Magicians store energies in ALL sorts of containers: spirit bottles, crystals, boxes, candles, rocks, poppets, jewelry, stuffed animals. Who knows? All those crazy-pants vibrations could come in handy for future workings...

Make some gnarly art. Get it out of your system. Scribble, scrape, finger paint, write nonsense words, shout a new song into your phone if you please. It's not about getting rid of anger, fear or frustration, it's about giving it a place to go and live that isn't the forefront of your mind.

Feeling poked by particular issues? That hot prickly feeling of provocation could be a Sign that it's time for you to contribute to causes close to your magical heart. Funnel anxiety energy into finding ways to be of service in those areas and feed your Purpose.
Study + Mastery. I find one of the easiest ways to transmute frustration is to direct it at learning. Shift the fear in your body by forcing it to make room for knowledge and inspiration. What subject have you been meaning to read up on? When was the last time you visited your local museum? When did you last study at the Library? Yes, the Library. (Bonus: There's no 24-hour-news-cycle at the library.)

Love the shit out of people around you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, they're feeling it too. Let's cook some ridiculously nutritious food for friends. Give a little extra touch and encouragement to the humans you live with. Build a blanket fort with your witchlings. Give your lover your FULL attention. If you're energetically inclined, offer your talents to a friend. Decide to become a Love filter and make it happen.

Exercise = Exorcise. Pent up anxiety can start to feel like demonic possession and lead to physical health complications. Work. It. Out. Wiggle your body, break an amazing sweat, get weird with it and utilize the hectic nature of these energies to kick start or re-energize healthy habits and light a fire under your enchanted ass. 

Witches don't just survive--
we Thrive, Moon Babies.

How are you going to use the mania to make magick? 

Witch on, Witch Boldly. XOXO 

Meditate with me!



  1. Thank you. You are amazing and that reading tonight? Were you hiding out here? Because you nailed what I'm all about right now. ❤

  2. this is a great article here! I am so going to try some of these things in my own practice to get out some pent up emotions!

  3. This is such a fantastic way to look at a difficult time! Not just hiding away with the advice to work for a cause but not to just feel beaten down. Thank you so much for this.