Thursday, September 8, 2016

REtrograde: Get Wet. Ride the Wave.

 Mercury Retrograde Action Plans:

1) Pretend not to believe in it until shit gets Real.
2) Crawl under the bed and hope no one notices we haven't shown up to work for three weeks.
3) Laugh at the chaos, get wet and ride the wave like the magical psychopath you're meant to be.

This is not to say that riding the tide of retrograde is a piece of chocolate cheese cake. (Trust me, as a musician who depends on clear concise communication, signs and negotiates contracts weekly, travels to gigs and is entirely dependent on technology to even make a SOUND, MR is no picnic.)

However, just as money, hot sauce, the internet and magick are not inherently good or bad, neither is the movement of cosmic furniture in the sky--

It's how you use it that matters. 

 Here's how we've been playing with and benefiting from Mercury REtrograde on HerSpeak Planet: 

Redecorate. The muffin and I have been on a MISSION. We've been redoing each room of the house with stuff we already have. The name of the game is Rearrange!

Rejuvenate. I haven't felt like going out. It's not because I don't have lovely friends who go interesting places, but because I'm Reevaluating my energy currency: Go to the club or write a new record? Watch TV at the bar or make time to meditate? Re-prioritizing, Moon Babies. 

Reject. No longer accepting hot cultural garbage and insidious norms that have crept into all forms of relationships. Nope, not doing it any more. Between MR and eclipse season, it's been a doozy for Reexamining Social Norms and the minutia of my social circle. A necessary, illuminating doozy.

Re-purpose. Synchronistic "trash" and forgotten treasures are being Resurrected and made into new homes for flowers, seedlings, foot stools, yard furniture, art projects, shrines and journals.

Reorganize. That two-hundred-year-old open box of cereal isn't doing anyone any good. We've been Purging junk, excavating neglected closets, going through the pantry can by can, straightening drawers, categorizing books and Revamping storage spaces like a BOSS.

Restraint. Money is burning a HOLE IN MY POCKET. As an earth sign with an addiction to sparklies, throw pillows, books and espresso, this time and it's energy have been useful for Refocusing on Resources and building up Reserves to feed long term plans.

Revisit. They've been tugging at me: Those half baked ideas that suddenly seem to have legs and purpose, the project that felt too difficult at the time now seems feasible under different circumstances, Rediscovering snippets of spells on post-its in my purse, accidentally stumbling upon the recording of a song sketch stored on a cellphone that was once thought to be dead, obscure songs from my teens suddenly speaking through the radio on the morning commute like a friend I haven't seen in a lifetime...

Retreat. My grandpa used to regularly tell us this joke: A man is hitting himself with a hammer. His friend asks him, "Why do you do that?!" The man says, "Because it feels so good when I stop". This perfectly sums up my attitude around impulsive social media usage. The break was/is deeply needed. While the FOMO was brutal in the beginning, the peace of mind and Regained time is worth every missed Candy Crush invitation.

Reclaim. Meeting parts of myself that I didn't know needed to be Rescued and Reintegrated. Remembering things I didn't know I knew. Restoring parts of the soul I was unaware had been with me this whole time...

How are you surfing over and through and making the most of Mercury Retrograde, Moon Babies?

Get wet, Hold on & Stay Weird XOXO

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  1. Thanks for the motivation!!❤️❤️

  2. I didn't really think about MR because life was pretty hectic around here these last few weeks (now I know why)... But I had been feeling quite restless and unsettled in our home. So last weekend we decided to redecorate the living room with just a few new items (I'm a sucker for throw pillows too) and rearrange the rest. It's already bringing so much energy into the house! I also found myself subconsciously decluttering every room... man what piece of mind that brings! Not done yet but it's feeling so good already. Thanks for the tips!