Saturday, February 20, 2016

WITCH HUNT: Power of Nothing, Bunnies & The Bloomin Onion

I get a lot of hate mail.

Like, a LOT of hate mail.

It's usually garden variety (amusing) messages about eternal damnation, corrections from extra clever initiates of cults SO secret they haven't been invented yet, critique of my current hair, eyes, nose, mouth, weight and outfit arrangement and a peppering of lewd photos. (Let's be real, those are my favorites...)

That doesn't bother me. It is the law of the Internet.

What I find intriguing however is shaming spawned from within the magickal community--
Witches scrambling to tattoo bar codes on other witches.
Witches obsessively charting the metaphysical DNA of others to sanction their own comfort and legitimacy.  
Witches as self appointed despots and humiliating others for their curiosity and desire to learn.

Witches hunting witches.

Weirdly enough, these are the same reasons I stopped identifying as a "punk" in my late teens...

The zeitgeist in the magickal community is to believe we are being actively and viciously oppressed by THEM, the OUTSIDE, THOSE PEOPLE, SOCIETY, YA KNOW LIKE EVERYONE when really witches do an excellent job of burning ourselves and require little assistance from a societal specter to waste time and blow ourselves to bits.

 In response to a brief video, a droplet in the cyber ocean, the adept magician will pen a response:

You are too [Insert your favorite] DUMB, ILLITERATE, UNEDUCATED, INEXPERIENCED, SAFE, SHALLOW, INEPT, PLAYFUL, SILLY, SIMPLE, COLORFUL, FLUFFY, FEMALE ((?)) HAPPY ((?)) WEALTHY ((???)) to be a Real Witch.  <--- Real comments, party people.

Now, it's not the bullying that interests me. (Internet, duh.)

What interests me is what this behavior says about the state of magickal thinking.

As magickal/spiritual/path seeking/whathaveyou people, are we really so quick to paint a complete portrait of the character, talents, potential, history and desires of another based on a three minute DIY video-- a brief peek into the window of this person's life?


As magickal people who believe that ANYTHING is possible,
 that the Universe is Infinite and Expanding,
can we truly be confident that a snippet of polite discussion provides us with all necessary information to make an all together unnecessary judgement call on another human and their inner landscape?

That doesn't sound terribly magickal to me. 

That sounds humorless, limited and boring.

SECOND LAW OF YOUTUBEMANCY: Nothing is What it Seems.

 Fuck Second Law of Youtubemancy, how about First Rule of Thinking?

 Isn't knowing that things are never simply just things, but are a story within a story, the poem between the lines, the song hidden under the song the NEXSUS of the Magickal mindset?

EX: Take a peek at this psychedelic hellscape.

THAT, Moon Babies is the iris of the human eye under a microscope.

You don't want to know what's wiggling around on your teeth...

Nothing is as it seems. It is complicated. It is ALIVE.

If being unwilling to hemorrhage my struggles with illness, addictions, abuses, nightmares, parasitic fears, disturbing trips, pictures of my lunch, a fully annotated bibliography of every text I've digested, vlogs of body exhumation, documentation of snotty sobbing, stories about my stalker and detailed descriptions of bodily functions to a stranger in the grocery store (or to millions of strangers in cyberspace) means I can't be a Real Witch, a Real Magician and am doomed to be forever exiled to the Fluffy Bunny Territories?

I'm okay with that. 

Boundaries. They are a good thing. 

But ALSO Because--

Nothing is ever as it seems.

So what now?

 I am challenging myself, and invite you to participate, in remembering that we know Nothing. 

Remembering that what we experience through our semi gelatinous eye holes and process through our slowly dying jello-of-the-skull is only a crack in the wall, only a key hole we peek through...

Remembering that we have grown sleepy and aloof to the fact that your cat, your coffee, your lover, your blooming cactus, your thoughts are all bits of dirt and shit and electricity cobbled together and covered in organisms building their own empires...

Remembering that we are alchemists trying to pull away the veil, peel back the layers and see the succulent flesh, star cogs and knock-knock jokes of Dame Nature...

Remembering that we are all cubist masterpieces descending the staircase, All Things at Once that are late for work, full of moving blood and the Goddess and give no fucks about your Official Occult Fan Club Membership Card...

What I'm trying to say is we're all blooming onions. 

I challenge you to Remember that Nothing is Ever As It Seems.

IT is never simple. Ever.

IT is scary, confusing, wonderful, disgusting, poetic, infuriating, endlessly sexy, possibly evil, definitely dangerous, capable of ferocious Love, inherently magick and much like my friend the Bloomin' Onion--

 utterly delicious.

Let's Remember and SEE, Lovers.

From Your Fluffy Bunny, XO



  1. Epic video, thank you very proud and honored to know you and call you sister.

  2. I viewed your "Sh*t, I Can't Meditate!" video. Your gentle affirming reminders regarding getting-back-to-basics were just the right medicine! I had the best self-enduced (rather than guided) medtation I have been fortunate to experience in months! And while it was rooted in the basics, it took me down a path of renewed visualizations and sentience I will surely revisit! Having enjoyed other videos of yours as well, I am moved to say Thank you!

  3. I just wanted to say that I think you're delightful. Screw the haters.

  4. Yesss, yess and YESSSSS!!! This post. So much, yes! When I first started vlogging, this shit perplexed me in a seriously crushing way.... It is one thing to receive hate mail from the trolls because you expect that, but from within the community?

    And you are right...nothing is ever as it seems. This kind of stuff...has helped me to (finally) arrive at a point where I see the haters within as a catalyst to help me work on my shit....and guess what...???


    Thanks for another brilliantly insightful post!
    XO to the Moon and Back!

  5. I totally feel you on the witch on witch crime! There is a new age shop where I live, the only one where I live, and the owner is one of those "super secret" initiates. It sucks because as far as I know she is the only witch who lives near me. Anyway, I think witches hunting witches is the worst. You are wonderful and lovely my friend!!! Don't let the haters dull your sparkle. <3

  6. There are hundreds of "Us" that do not fit within defined categories ! So what ? It certainly doesn't make me any lesser of a 'Witch " . For me .. "Witch" is not a religion - "Witch" is a state of "Being" . I love your Being .. Molly ! Keep up your beautiful caring authentic work. I look forward to all your videos ! Thank you for sharing with "Us" ! Much Love

  7. It is my experience that friction happens when emotions are involved. If you're doing something that causes people to send you hate mail, then it's because you're touching a nerve inside them. You're wiggling a metaphorical loose tooth that they hadn't realised was loose and it's causing them pain. You're exposing them to an idea that they haven't thought about or haven't reasoned through yet and instead of using that as fuel to forward their own thinking, they find it easier to criticise you. If they were truly, concretely firm in their own beliefs, it would not matter a jot to them that you do things differently. Criticism comes with putting yourself out there and doing something and it usually comes from those who are not doing anything at all.

    I also wanted to say, Molly, that I came across your videos via the roundabout route that the internet brings people to places they weren't planning to go and I couldn't get enough. I'm not a religious person and I tend to steer clear of zealots, so I really appreciate your open and light approach. I have become more interested in wicca as a result of your videos and I think that should be commended. Once I had gone through all of your videos, I looked for more but there are a lot of drab and boring ones out there. I love your spirit and the energy that you bring to your work.

    Best Regards, Raquel

  8. I found you videos yesterday after getting a hit from Pinterest. I am enchanted. I came by to check out the blog and hit this. Suffice it to say that there are paid internet trolls who will pretend to be 6 or 8 people at once...they sit at a computer and hack at people who have power, presence and light; people who have Impact. Ignore them. Eventually they will reap their karma and slide into some dark, slimy hole only for trogs, to face their shadows. In the meantime, rock, chant, dream, manifest, BE. For all those who are waking, for all those who are re-membering or discovering their real selves...BE who you are. You are majick in essence. BB

  9. I can't believe people send you hate mail! I think you are so cool! I hope one day I can be as confident in my practice as you are! Anyone who tries to bring you down is probably just a jealous douche! Keep up the awesome work!