Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Witch Playlist

Some of my earliest active-imagination-memories as a child were of wintry landscapes--
Bejeweled tudra or hushed mountain forests inhabited by snow sorceresses and frost faeries.

Even today as a resident of the Midwest where the weather is often a nuisance and deadly at it's worst, there is still magick for me.

Icicle crowns, cascading drifts, 
wailing winds, sparkling periwinkle twilight, 
the haunting northern lights...

To celebrate stepping into winter, I've compiled a Winter Witch Playlist that gets me in the snow-queen-state-of-mind. I hope you enjoy this collection of enchanting sounds for strange snowy days...

Winter Blessings & Happy Solstice!

Stay Cool, Witches XOXO

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In My Power: Mantras of a Mean Witch

"Joan" by Molly Roberts

When I am a Mean Witch, 
I am in my Power.
When I make love to my priorities,
I am in my Power.
When I am disliked and do not die,
I am in my Power.
When I am scandalized but my guts still Thrive,
 I am in my Power.
When I reclaim my Life Force from distractions,
I am in my Power.
When I choose to wait for what I Deserve instead of what I can get,
I am in my Power. 
When I remove my holiness from poisonous places,
 I am in my Power.
When I build spaces of Freedom,
 I am in my Power.
When I hold quiet rooms like an egg,
I am in my Power.
When I Serve,
I am in my Power.
When I Improvise,
I am in my Power.
When I engage eye contact,
I am in my Power.
When I feed on the challenge,
I am in my Power
When I get high on Sovereignty,
I am in my Power.
When I gather the Wisdom off the floor,
I am in my Power.
When I nourish my Temple with Mindful ambrosia,
I am in my Power.
When I have the Audacity to be Joyful,
I am in my Power.
When I weave Solutions in place of excuses,
I am in my Power.
When I lavish attention on my Desire,
I am in my Power.
When I keep oaths to myself,
I am in my Power.
When I honor my gifts,
I am in my Power.
When I kiss my Shadow long and deep,
I am in my Power.
When I Forgive because I don't believe in torture,
I am in my Power.
When I choose,
I am in my Power.
When I take my genius out to dinner,
I am in my Power.
When I stretch the skin of my Understanding,
I am in my Power.
When I have courage to Feel It All,
I am in my Power.
When I Respond with a steady current of electricity,
I am in my Power.
When I Own my responsibility and ride it like a yacht,
I am in my Power.
When I create my own weather conditions,
I am in my Power.
When I share and build others Up,
I am in my Power.
When I am licked by the fire,
I am in my Power.
When I aim the lightening  bolt of Resources toward my convictions,
 I am in my Power.
When I wield the sword of my Enthusiasm,
I am in my Power.

When I am a Mean Witch, I am in my Power.

Witch On, Witch Boldly--

Are You an Art Witch?

 Are You an Art Witch?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art Witch E-Primer

There are green witches, ceremonial witches, sea witches, hedge witches, kitchen witches, tech witches, dream witches, urban witches, chaos witches, swamp witches, word witches, desert witches, lunar witches, solar witches, pop witches, weather witches...just to name a few...

I, am an art witch.

Living as both a trained artist and magical thinker has offered me the adventure of existing betwixt the technical know-how of creating fine art and the mystery school of magick to experience a world between worlds that I am deeply passionate about and excited to share with you...

Super sigils, artistic alchemy, 
uncovering hidden messages, and making tons of enchanted stuff

Art Witch: Practical Tactics for Art Magick hopped straight out of my grimoire and presents a step-by-step art magick process in a witchpacked 30 page pdf.   

In this e-primer we shall dabble in...

  • What magick might be
  • How art is like magick
  • How magick acts like art
  • Possibilities for Art Magick
  • Engaging with magical media & sacred studio spaces
  • Weaving layers of Meaning and infusing magick in each step of the process
  • Form, Function, Color, Destinations, Experiments... 

            And doodles. Lots of doodles.

Sound like fun?

Witch On, Witch Boldly & I'll meet you in the book...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

4 Powerful Gratitude Rituals (That Aren't Journals)

I am a strong advocate of keeping journals, but it's not for everyone.

Sometimes the peer pressure to juggle a dozen different logs in an impossible quest for Hyper Organized Zen-dom is just that: Impossible. 

While writing is important because our words carry power, sometimes (most times) carving out regular uninterrupted alone time to detail all of our thoughts in gorgeous bound volumes whilst enjoying a latte at our favorite sun filled tea house just feels...worlds away.

What happens when we feel discouraged and fall off the Perfection Wagon? 

We just stop doing it all together. 

It could also be that journaling just isn't your jam--and that's fine!

This month we've been focusing on Gratitude and cultivating Thankfulness. While keeping a gratitude journal is perhaps the most popular way of meditating on our blessings, it's not the only way. 

Here are a few ideas for integrating doable gratitude practices into your Real Life that don't involve keeping a journal...

Keep It in Your Pocket. 
You can foster feelings of gratitude by assigning meaning to small objects you use daily: A smooth stone in your pocket, a ring that you wear regularly or a simple talisman you keep on your key chain. The quiet reminder will encourage gratitude to well up within you with each use!

Growing Pot of Gold. 
The image you see below is an accidental gratitude working in my home. What started as a simple catch-all for loose change has inadvertently become a full blown prosperity altar. Don't you love when that happens?

You can create a powerful on-going gratitude visual by simply tossing your loose change or found treasures from your walks into a dish, bowl or plate with the intention of counting your blessings. This is an activity/spell/practice that the whole family can participate in. <-- This is illegally fun. You've been warned.

Cut and Paste Tribute. 
Create a collage (or make your own images if you desire) of what and who matters to you.

It is easy to slip into complacency and take the constant nourishing parts of our lives for granted because they don't offer the exciting high of newness

Much like a dreamboard, display your artwork in a prominent place you visit regularly such as your phone wallpaper, work desk, bedroom vanity, computer desktop or above the bathroom mirror as a reminder of what feeds your soul.

Bless Your Grub.
Saying "Grace" isn't just for dinner at Grandma's house! Giving thanks for a meal needn't be a formal, long winded or even audible performance.

Taking a brief moment to consider the animal or plant on your plate, the perfect combination of water and sun required to create the food, the people who nurtured and transported it--
Perhaps the people who prepared the meal-- 
to say 'Thank You'  can transform a thoughtless snack into a full blown blessing experience. 

A few tips for creating your own successful and sustainable gratitude rituals:

* Keep it Simple. REALLY Simple.

* You're busy, don't add superfluous stuff for the sake of adding stuff. Assign meaning to things you already do.

* Make sure the ritual reoccurs often enough to stay potent and present in your routine.

How do you cultivate Gratitude Magick in your busy lives, Moon Babies?

Witch On, Witch Boldly XOXO

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Gratitude Coloring Page for You

To celebrate the little-more-than-halfway-point of our 30 Days of Gratitude, I made a coloring page for us to share!

I hope you have been enjoying this month of meditation, Moon Babies. Your gratitude contributions on the facebook page and instagram have been nothing short of inspiring-- let's finish strong!

Witch On,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Using Pinterest on the Astral

I receive lots of questions about ways to improve the quality of our meditations, journeying and in some cases, surf around and build stuff on the astral. The first way is to, well...meditate. But there is supplementary work we can do to enhance our meditative experiences.

 Pinterest-- It's not just a time suck!  Here are a few ways you can use the Pinterest rabbit hole to go down your own rabbit hole...

Discovering Portals. 

You're asking, "What is a portal and how do I make one?!"  

The definition of a portal is a doorway, gate or other entrance.  It's an entry, a place that takes you to another place. That's it! (There's no star gate scenario or goat blood necessary.) Holes in the wall like doors and windows, good books, and the entire Internet are examples of portals.

You can collect images for use in meditation to enter worlds of your choice and design.
Think wells, garden gates, hollow trees, caves, key holes...

Find an image + use it in meditation = portal creation. Pathworking isn't just for tarot cards!

Speaking of Tarot...

To deepen our understanding and get to the gooey center of an archetype illustrated in the tarot, it may be useful and fun to pathwork the same card from different decks

There are thousands of artistic interpretations of the seventy eight cards and no two are alike. Devote a board to the grouping of images of the same card (i.e. only images of the Moon), print them out or use your phone in meditation to explore each artists interpretation of the symbols. 

You'll find the worlds are vastly different with their own unique offerings.

Design the Whole Dang World

If collecting images to enter a meditative landscape works well for you, you can devote a board to fleshing out a room, temple, or a whole world that you've designed on the astral.

What is the weather like? Are there seasons here? Does anyone or anything else live there? Is there vegetation? Is there a history?What does the air sound like?What books live on the shelves?

Put on your Author Hat and start filling in details to give your creations life.

 Expensive Set Ups

One of the MANY delectable benefits of astral workings is that your resources are limitless. Your magick is as intense as your imagination allows. 

You want 9,000 candelabras dressed in sweet dripping beeswax? You got it. You need a quartz generator the size of a watermelon? Done. Spell requires herbs that are on endangered species lists and you want to be able to sleep at night? Presto. 

Want to lay a hundred perfect crystal points in the perfect grid for your perfect spell, but you have cats and THEY CAN'T KEEP THEIR FEET TO THEMSELVES AND MOVE ALL OF IT WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING? 

Don't worry, it's on the Astral. The cats there have manners.

Curating images of elaborate spell and altar set ups doesn't just have to be a favorite time waster, feed a materialistic magpie desire for stuff (let's get real, you guys know I love stuff...) or get you down about your budget for insane ritual items--

They can become an inspiration bank for sacred spaces on the dreamscape and aid you in creating some effing cool magick.

So let's ask ourselves, what is our ritual like in our dreams? 

Let's do that...

Happy Surfing, Moon Babies. 
Witch On, Witch Boldly. XOXO 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days of Gratitude

November is a highly underrated month. 

I know, I know,  it doesn't have the sexiness of October--dripping with Samhain magick and Halloween insanity, it's true. However, while we're encouraged to go inward, go inward, go inward, and reflect reflect reflect during the dark half of the year, it seems impossible to achieve when one is manically planning rituals, taking witchlings trick-or-treating, and flitting from event to event...

Now that the charcoal ash and silly string 
of the celebrations and gatherings have settled 
there is an e x h a l e and p a u s e.

I find that November offers us an austere beauty that brings a peace and clarity unlike any other time of the year. To celebrate this open space, I'll be using the next thirty days to meditate upon and cultivate gratitude:

To dig deep, reflect and enjoy the fullness of the year,
of this Life. 

Would you like to play along, Moon Baby? I invite you to join me for daily prompts on my facebook page. 

Feel free to jump in on the comments, share the posts with your peers, play on instagram, keep a journal, start a gratitude jar, pen your own blog posts, start practicing that gratitude ritual-- participate in any way (as much or as little) as you wish!

I'm tickled to spend the month of November with you.

Deep Thanks + Moon Dust XOXO

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Use Election Anxiety Like a Boss Witch

So you've unfriended everyone you know, been drinking the lavender lemonade, using your best psychic hygiene and cleansing practices, meditating regularly, thrown away your television, looked at real estate on the moon and STILL feel beat down by the constant barrage of demoralizing election vibes?

It's okay. Me too.

There are two pieces of good news. First, it's nearly over.
Secondly, we don't have to crawl in a hole and hide from it--we can use it.

Here a few Boss Witch tactics for making the best use 
of the Election Energy Frenzy:

"Ezlynn the Industrial Witch" by Bobbie Berendson. She's  a boss witch.

Imbue handy objects with your rage. Witches, Wizards and Magicians store energies in ALL sorts of containers: spirit bottles, crystals, boxes, candles, rocks, poppets, jewelry, stuffed animals. Who knows? All those crazy-pants vibrations could come in handy for future workings...

Make some gnarly art. Get it out of your system. Scribble, scrape, finger paint, write nonsense words, shout a new song into your phone if you please. It's not about getting rid of anger, fear or frustration, it's about giving it a place to go and live that isn't the forefront of your mind.

Feeling poked by particular issues? That hot prickly feeling of provocation could be a Sign that it's time for you to contribute to causes close to your magical heart. Funnel anxiety energy into finding ways to be of service in those areas and feed your Purpose.
Study + Mastery. I find one of the easiest ways to transmute frustration is to direct it at learning. Shift the fear in your body by forcing it to make room for knowledge and inspiration. What subject have you been meaning to read up on? When was the last time you visited your local museum? When did you last study at the Library? Yes, the Library. (Bonus: There's no 24-hour-news-cycle at the library.)

Love the shit out of people around you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, they're feeling it too. Let's cook some ridiculously nutritious food for friends. Give a little extra touch and encouragement to the humans you live with. Build a blanket fort with your witchlings. Give your lover your FULL attention. If you're energetically inclined, offer your talents to a friend. Decide to become a Love filter and make it happen.

Exercise = Exorcise. Pent up anxiety can start to feel like demonic possession and lead to physical health complications. Work. It. Out. Wiggle your body, break an amazing sweat, get weird with it and utilize the hectic nature of these energies to kick start or re-energize healthy habits and light a fire under your enchanted ass. 

Witches don't just survive--
we Thrive, Moon Babies.

How are you going to use the mania to make magick? 

Witch on, Witch Boldly. XOXO 

Meditate with me!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

REtrograde: Get Wet. Ride the Wave.

 Mercury Retrograde Action Plans:

1) Pretend not to believe in it until shit gets Real.
2) Crawl under the bed and hope no one notices we haven't shown up to work for three weeks.
3) Laugh at the chaos, get wet and ride the wave like the magical psychopath you're meant to be.

This is not to say that riding the tide of retrograde is a piece of chocolate cheese cake. (Trust me, as a musician who depends on clear concise communication, signs and negotiates contracts weekly, travels to gigs and is entirely dependent on technology to even make a SOUND, MR is no picnic.)

However, just as money, hot sauce, the internet and magick are not inherently good or bad, neither is the movement of cosmic furniture in the sky--

It's how you use it that matters. 

 Here's how we've been playing with and benefiting from Mercury REtrograde on HerSpeak Planet: 

Redecorate. The muffin and I have been on a MISSION. We've been redoing each room of the house with stuff we already have. The name of the game is Rearrange!

Rejuvenate. I haven't felt like going out. It's not because I don't have lovely friends who go interesting places, but because I'm Reevaluating my energy currency: Go to the club or write a new record? Watch TV at the bar or make time to meditate? Re-prioritizing, Moon Babies. 

Reject. No longer accepting hot cultural garbage and insidious norms that have crept into all forms of relationships. Nope, not doing it any more. Between MR and eclipse season, it's been a doozy for Reexamining Social Norms and the minutia of my social circle. A necessary, illuminating doozy.

Re-purpose. Synchronistic "trash" and forgotten treasures are being Resurrected and made into new homes for flowers, seedlings, foot stools, yard furniture, art projects, shrines and journals.

Reorganize. That two-hundred-year-old open box of cereal isn't doing anyone any good. We've been Purging junk, excavating neglected closets, going through the pantry can by can, straightening drawers, categorizing books and Revamping storage spaces like a BOSS.

Restraint. Money is burning a HOLE IN MY POCKET. As an earth sign with an addiction to sparklies, throw pillows, books and espresso, this time and it's energy have been useful for Refocusing on Resources and building up Reserves to feed long term plans.

Revisit. They've been tugging at me: Those half baked ideas that suddenly seem to have legs and purpose, the project that felt too difficult at the time now seems feasible under different circumstances, Rediscovering snippets of spells on post-its in my purse, accidentally stumbling upon the recording of a song sketch stored on a cellphone that was once thought to be dead, obscure songs from my teens suddenly speaking through the radio on the morning commute like a friend I haven't seen in a lifetime...

Retreat. My grandpa used to regularly tell us this joke: A man is hitting himself with a hammer. His friend asks him, "Why do you do that?!" The man says, "Because it feels so good when I stop". This perfectly sums up my attitude around impulsive social media usage. The break was/is deeply needed. While the FOMO was brutal in the beginning, the peace of mind and Regained time is worth every missed Candy Crush invitation.

Reclaim. Meeting parts of myself that I didn't know needed to be Rescued and Reintegrated. Remembering things I didn't know I knew. Restoring parts of the soul I was unaware had been with me this whole time...

How are you surfing over and through and making the most of Mercury Retrograde, Moon Babies?

Get wet, Hold on & Stay Weird XOXO

Lovingly Crafted Meditations for the Discerning Weirdo

Monday, July 4, 2016

Chronicles: The Meteor & Rock + Roll Adventures

It's been months since I've been to this space. The lack of love shown to this blog hasn't stemmed from disinterest, but was simply the victim of Priorities. So instead of apologizing for the shortage of content, I thought I'd just tell you what I've been up to.

So many of you moon bunnies reached out to me with concern, worried that I had been struck by a meteor...and I was in a way.

In January, the intention was set that this would be the Year of The Queen, the Year of Adventure, the Year of Pushing the Envelope. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but I had the desire for intensity.

Don't ever be careful what you wish for. 
Wish for that shit Hard and Fast. 

With the incredible support and creative imput of my band/tribe, we wrote a new record. I know, I know, that sounds terribly anticlimactic. But it was the meteor I had dreamed of. It is perhaps the most naked piece of work I've ever written. Despite it only being four songs long, it traversed a LOT of soulscape for me.

The impact was amplified by the fact we wanted to write, rehearse, record and put it out into the world in less than 3 months on our own. (If any of you kittens have ever had to deal with print production, you'll know that's a bit batty.)

This project was also the first time I had been at the helm and had my claws in EVERY step of the process-- from the napkin scribble genesis of the lyric, to the mixing, to choosing the the cellophane wrap on the final product. When you are your own producer, you don't have the luxury of hoping someone else will fix it or finish it. It's up to you. It's really scary.

You're putting too much of yourself Out There...Be are not don't know what you're's too much it's too much it's too much...

Get bent, Brain. We have work to do.

All of those colors and hours and fragmented ideas and gas station burritos and feedback and anxieties about fucking it up and contributions of the people you trust the most and notes in your journal that make NO sense and confidence meltdowns FINALLY crystallize...

Finally Crystallize.

There is nothing in the Universe like holding a physical copy of your record. Nothing.

While our project wriggled out of the chrysalis and began drying it's soggy wings, the Bunny and I adventured in the mountains near Denver, CO and later strapped on our boots to wander around in the desert of New Mexico. It has been a lifelong dream to go to the desert, and She did not disappoint--

Wet secrets of caves, the switchback mountains, impossible rusty rocks, moon sands, slippery healing hot springs, thorny flowering jewels. We were fed. We'll be back again soon. That's a promise.

Upon our return, the pedal met the METAL and we began the work of promoting the record and working through the tidal wave of festival gigs that summer brings.

Image Courtesy of Mike Collins

This is our Season-- the extroverted, energetic, Yin part of the year. As fall approaches we'll turn inward again, return to our basement practice space (affectionately known as Spider Island for reasons you can probably imagine...) and begin gestating a new batch of work, playing with a new set of ideas.

With that introverted time will come more regular content here: more videos, more blogs, more letters answered, hopefully some download-able goodies and tools for you.

 I never cease to be amazed by your outpouring of support and patience because--

I have no idea what I'm doing. 

I'm not sure what I'm meant to do here. But I'm working it out. Thank you.

It is my most sincere hope that this season has been good to you, Moon Babies.
May you find pleasure and adventure where ever you are in the world.

Keep it Weird, Witchez.
All my Love,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

WITCH HUNT: Power of Nothing, Bunnies & The Bloomin Onion

I get a lot of hate mail.

Like, a LOT of hate mail.

It's usually garden variety (amusing) messages about eternal damnation, corrections from extra clever initiates of cults SO secret they haven't been invented yet, critique of my current hair, eyes, nose, mouth, weight and outfit arrangement and a peppering of lewd photos. (Let's be real, those are my favorites...)

That doesn't bother me. It is the law of the Internet.

What I find intriguing however is shaming spawned from within the magickal community--
Witches scrambling to tattoo bar codes on other witches.
Witches obsessively charting the metaphysical DNA of others to sanction their own comfort and legitimacy.  
Witches as self appointed despots and humiliating others for their curiosity and desire to learn.

Witches hunting witches.

Weirdly enough, these are the same reasons I stopped identifying as a "punk" in my late teens...

The zeitgeist in the magickal community is to believe we are being actively and viciously oppressed by THEM, the OUTSIDE, THOSE PEOPLE, SOCIETY, YA KNOW LIKE EVERYONE when really witches do an excellent job of burning ourselves and require little assistance from a societal specter to waste time and blow ourselves to bits.

 In response to a brief video, a droplet in the cyber ocean, the adept magician will pen a response:

You are too [Insert your favorite] DUMB, ILLITERATE, UNEDUCATED, INEXPERIENCED, SAFE, SHALLOW, INEPT, PLAYFUL, SILLY, SIMPLE, COLORFUL, FLUFFY, FEMALE ((?)) HAPPY ((?)) WEALTHY ((???)) to be a Real Witch.  <--- Real comments, party people.

Now, it's not the bullying that interests me. (Internet, duh.)

What interests me is what this behavior says about the state of magickal thinking.

As magickal/spiritual/path seeking/whathaveyou people, are we really so quick to paint a complete portrait of the character, talents, potential, history and desires of another based on a three minute DIY video-- a brief peek into the window of this person's life?


As magickal people who believe that ANYTHING is possible,
 that the Universe is Infinite and Expanding,
can we truly be confident that a snippet of polite discussion provides us with all necessary information to make an all together unnecessary judgement call on another human and their inner landscape?

That doesn't sound terribly magickal to me. 

That sounds humorless, limited and boring.

SECOND LAW OF YOUTUBEMANCY: Nothing is What it Seems.

 Fuck Second Law of Youtubemancy, how about First Rule of Thinking?

 Isn't knowing that things are never simply just things, but are a story within a story, the poem between the lines, the song hidden under the song the NEXSUS of the Magickal mindset?

EX: Take a peek at this psychedelic hellscape.

THAT, Moon Babies is the iris of the human eye under a microscope.

You don't want to know what's wiggling around on your teeth...

Nothing is as it seems. It is complicated. It is ALIVE.

If being unwilling to hemorrhage my struggles with illness, addictions, abuses, nightmares, parasitic fears, disturbing trips, pictures of my lunch, a fully annotated bibliography of every text I've digested, vlogs of body exhumation, documentation of snotty sobbing, stories about my stalker and detailed descriptions of bodily functions to a stranger in the grocery store (or to millions of strangers in cyberspace) means I can't be a Real Witch, a Real Magician and am doomed to be forever exiled to the Fluffy Bunny Territories?

I'm okay with that. 

Boundaries. They are a good thing. 

But ALSO Because--

Nothing is ever as it seems.

So what now?

 I am challenging myself, and invite you to participate, in remembering that we know Nothing. 

Remembering that what we experience through our semi gelatinous eye holes and process through our slowly dying jello-of-the-skull is only a crack in the wall, only a key hole we peek through...

Remembering that we have grown sleepy and aloof to the fact that your cat, your coffee, your lover, your blooming cactus, your thoughts are all bits of dirt and shit and electricity cobbled together and covered in organisms building their own empires...

Remembering that we are alchemists trying to pull away the veil, peel back the layers and see the succulent flesh, star cogs and knock-knock jokes of Dame Nature...

Remembering that we are all cubist masterpieces descending the staircase, All Things at Once that are late for work, full of moving blood and the Goddess and give no fucks about your Official Occult Fan Club Membership Card...

What I'm trying to say is we're all blooming onions. 

I challenge you to Remember that Nothing is Ever As It Seems.

IT is never simple. Ever.

IT is scary, confusing, wonderful, disgusting, poetic, infuriating, endlessly sexy, possibly evil, definitely dangerous, capable of ferocious Love, inherently magick and much like my friend the Bloomin' Onion--

 utterly delicious.

Let's Remember and SEE, Lovers.

From Your Fluffy Bunny, XO


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lessons from The Rock and Roll Diaries [Updated 2015 Edition]

A Brief Report on 15 years of Rock and Roll Findings:
You can really do whatever you want. Like, whatever you want. 

You can wear whatever you want: party decorations, garbage bags, tutus, old socks, second hand ice skating costumes, kids pajamas and pimp coats, as long as you believe that's the way it should be.

People will delight in telling you that your plan/life/art/dream is bullshit. People can't resist relishing in the failures of others --it's like ambrosia to them. It makes them feel secure and validated about wimping out, giving up and settling for less.

Strangely enough, these bearers of Bad News aren't usually garden variety Village Idiots.

Most of the time they are well meaning friends or family.
You can say Fuck 'em and still love a "well meaning" way of course. 

You're going to end up in some Weird places. You'll learn to document these terrains so you have proof it wasn't a hallucination.

There is a good a 100%'ll be covered in someone's shit. #glamorpuss

People are going to tell you that you're brave and you will forever feel silly and uncomfortable about it because YOU know you're holding back.

It is absolutely possible to be an "introvert" and practice an extroverted art.

You will discover you have multiple personalities.

There are a lot of screwed up people out there--but sprinkled amongst the angry fruit loops who try to rub their body parts on you, coax you into their car or put cigarettes out on you, there are

Grade school teachers who want to tell you about their students,
Moms who want their kids to grow up to be strong and happy,
Folks who have been doing what you do since the dawn of time and want to share with you,
and young people who want to show you what they learned at ballet class,
and versions of yourself that exist in parallel dimensions,

and now you're friends on instagram.

Suddenly, the overbearing drunk-o with barf on his jacket is an egg you're willing to crack. 

All that "energy" stuff becomes very real to you. You won't know where it comes from, or how it works, but you'll be glad it does.  

Each experience is it's own distinct star-like creature that explodes and dies. You can never recreate it. Just get in the saddle and hold on.

You are never EVER for a SINGULAR millisecond, "too cool" for ANYONE. Especially people who shared energy with you through their money, time, attention, appreciation and presence.  

You'll also learn a lot about boundaries...

Contrary to what art school will impress upon you, Sometimes (most of the time) your first idea is the best idea. NOT because it is the most complicated or elegant solution, but it has the most Energy.

You're going to make ugly sounds and gross faces. You're going to chip teeth and bust knees.

People are going to write shitty things about your body and make up elaborate stories about your sex life.

It's okay if people are afraid of you. It's okay if people wouldn't want to date you.

Some people are going to hate you for no logical reason.

People will make assumptions about the kind of soul you have based on the art you create.

That's their problem, not yours.

Courtesy is the biggest gun you can carry.  

Courtesy also works splendidly as a key.

 You don't need to be rude--but you certainly don't need to be friends with everyone.

There will be people who believe that because they bought a ticket to the show that they've also bought a ticket to You. It's your job to enlighten the severely confused masses. 

If someone makes you feel slimy, don't work with them. Integrity is the Second Gun. Your sense of Self Respect will always steer you in the right direction.

People can (and will) have no idea what the hell you're talking about and still enjoy themselves. Most of the time people don't really care what you're saying. They care about how you make them feel and where you take them.

All that stuff about 'taking care of yourself' is the best advice you won't take for a long time. You know, indulging in time wasting activities like eating regularly, drinking water and sleeping...

You'll also quickly discover that abusing yourself with chemicals and deprivation doesn't make you an artist.

Doing what you love isn't always going to be fun. It's work. Real soul work. That's when we draw on power of Passion to kick us in the ass.

Folks will snidely ask you if you're making any money.

You have the ability to pour over the Library of Bizarre Experiences  and pull out gems like:

Wandering around Dinosaur parks off the sweltering highway in the middle of God Knows Where

Exploring haunted swimming pools and lurking backstage with beautiful souls you met across the country on a different adventure

Discussing your favorite places to score leotards with hulked-out spandex decked wrestlers in a drippy basement before the match

Screaming about pizza toppings and snoopy dancing with 65 grade school girls who are secretly super heroes.  In a world class venue to boot...

Wearing false lashes and sipping coffee at 5:00 am in a dark bar with chihuahuas, a strong man and a guy who swallows swords.

Having one of your heroes shave your head on stage while your friends gather around the mic to pour out a chorus. 

Playing historic stages you only Imagined you could and realizing you're not playing air guitar in your bedroom... but are in fact in front of hundreds of screaming weirdos.

Crying as you see your band mates faces looking back at you from the cover of your favorite magazine...

The truly surreal and gut wrenching conversations held beside dumpsters and in humid alleys that no one would believe if you told them...

Hearing that idea you scribbled on the back of a receipt in the break room at the liquor store coming out of the radio during rush hour...

Watching yourself and your friends on the big screen at a premiere in a cinema and snapping a rubber band on your wrist again and again to be sure it's actually happening...

And to satisfy and spare these rude people you will smile and say,

"No, I'm not."
 Because if they really knew it would explode their brain.

 And that's murder. 

There is deep generosity, plentiful abundance and true connection in this world that has nothing to do with money. And sometimes it is about money.

On that note... 

People assume that creatives can't possibly be business minded. 

That's dumb.

People will assume that because you're having fun you don't need to get paid. 

This is also dumb.

You would never call a plumber and tell him to "just have fun" while grappling with the gelatinous hair goblin in your toilet. After he completes the task, remind him that it's about exposure and you might compensate him next time.

Plumbers don't plumb for the love of plumbing. They plumb because they have a passion, a committment to perfecting a set of skills and providing a valuable service that you pay for. 

You get what I'm saying...

Surprisingly and back-asswardly,  you will also meet other ARTISTS who don't believe that you should be compensated for your work and will do their best to make you feel scummy and impure for taking filthy money for providing services.

It is in this scenario, you will learn that martyrs really love being martyrs and it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with their self worth.

You will also learn that pizza is not actually money. 
Sometimes it smells like money, but don't be fooled.

You can be so nervous that you throw up and black out and your Body will STILL know what to do. Your body is not your enemy, it's not trapping you. It wants to help you. Make friends with it. Trust it.

Speaking of vomit, you are likely to barf in public, suffer wardrobe malfunctions, repeatedly trip over your own feet, drop expensive things, fall off the stage, all the stuff of nightmares and despite your intense desire to die--

You won't.

People who judge you by the type of music you consume aren't really people you want to be friends with anyway.

You can  dedicate yourself to an intense daily practice discipline and you will STILL mess up.

You will inevitably work with people you don't agree with or presume are nothing like you...and the end results will be better for it.

There will be leeches and clingers who try to suck you dry, take credit for your work and ride your coattails like a bronco--but it's okay. The world sees them for what they are and  you don't need to spend another minute worrying about it.

You're going to make a lot of crap. Mountains of crap. No one will die. You'll make better crap soon.

It's okay to fight. Perfect relationships are a myth. The Real Deal is so much better.

There will be times that you need to relinquish control and Trust other people. It will kill you to do it, but it will work out for the best. 

You can Out Crazy anyone if you need to.  

Call on your demons. They're in there.

Hitchhiker's Guide wasn't kidding: Bring a towel everywhere you go. Seriously. There is a strange abundance of stagnant standing water in the basements of the underworld.

You're going to feel lonely. Your friends will stop calling you. You won't be invited to parties. You'll start to think you regret the path you chose. Then you'll remember that you don't do what you do to gain love from others. You do what you do to be able to love and live with yourself

Rock and Roll Jedi shit.

You'll discover that it's all been alchemical all along and that you can indeed make something that scares the shit out of you, something bigger, wilder and weirder than you originally thought possible.

If you are feeling stretched, or pushed and resisting--
Odds are good you're on the precipice of something really fucking interesting. 

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

Success is subjective.

It's not about perfection.

It's about Victory. 

Rock and Roll, Moon Babies. 

All my Love. XO