Sunday, December 27, 2015

Being an Empath RULES: 7 Powers You Didn't Know You Had


There. I said it.

In the past, I firmly rejected the label "Empath".

Why did I think that being an empath was for the birds? Because that's how we talk about it, guys. 
For years I thought that being a highly sensitive person meant that something was wrong with me due to the terms victimy, squishy, and martyr-y connotations. I had been taught that a well developed sense of empathy meant I was doomed to curl up in the fetal position and live as a piece of bruised fruit-- Like it was some sort of life long low grade ague...but for feels.  

"Fuck. Why couldn't I be clairvoyant? Or see ghosts? Or have uncanny precognition? Or be a good dancer? I get to be a walking-talking-paper cut with boundary issues?! This isn't a gift, it's ANNOYING."

We must protect ourselves. We must be careful. It's a curse. If you aren't careful you will be consumed by darkness, depression and poor health. You will end up insane because you have no discernment. You have the delicate constitution of a helpless fictional flower...

Enough. Seriously. That story sucks. 
I don't live in an Edwardian romance novel.

I oppose the commonly accepted narrative that empaths are pitiful, snowflakey marshmallows adrift in a poisonous world. There's enough weirdness, suffering and fear mongering floating aroud without us having to feed it crap we make up.

We become the stories we tell ourselves.

You know what? 
I fucking love being an Empath. 

Fucking. Love it.  

What if I told you that your sensitivities--that your empathic abilities were really super powers?  

What if I told you there was whole other side that has NOTHING to do with being miserable, lonely and drained, that is waiting, DYING for you to visit, tap in and play?

 Let me count the ways We are devastating and powerful...

We make Kick Ass Mediators and RULE at Negotiating

You know when it's super helpful to have a deep understanding of how everyone feels and can read body language like a hawk? When shit is hitting the fan, that's when. 

Empaths/HSP kick ass at diffusing hot situations, mediating tense communications and getting what you want out of a negotiation--i.e. walking into your boss's office, asking for a raise and ACTUALLY getting more cake. BAM!

We OWN Romantic Relationships.
As mentioned previously, our communication skills are on point, which if used correctly can lead to the blossoming of deeply intimate, meaningful, healthy, long lasting romantic relationships. Being able to read your partner can also translate to a fantastically magickal life in the boudoir...

We are not desperate hot house orchids in the bedroom.

We are Agonizingly Lip-Bitingly Sexy.
The art of Seduction is knowing what someone wants--their deepest desire-- and giving it to them, very, very, slowly. As an Empath/HSP you instinctively know precisely how much attention, love, humor, teasing, space and praise (perhaps a little touch) to lavish on someone and exactly where on their soul (or ego) to apply it to make them feel like a million dollars...or make them want to die.

 Either way--
 it is a very useful super power. 
We know the Terrible Productive Beauty of Righteous Anger.

We WILL make you shit your pants. It's gonna happen.

Crafty empaths who like being empaths know that you can take all those scummy feelings you collect up and alchemize them into Weapons of Change. Love and Light don't make benefits, fundraisers, Justice, trauma counseling, Art, rallies. marches, demonstrations and other potent agents of social change occur--

But seething anger and hunger for action does. 
Anger becomes a glorious force for Good when we channel it.

We are Life Juicers & Marrow Suckers.

We have the uncanny ability to be brought to tears by the right combination of colors, to get High as balls and trip on a hip crowd, to have every nerve in your body set on fire by music, to be transported to our ecstasy in nature, to get intellectually Switched On by the right beam of attention and chance encounter with a stranger at the grocery store...

While it can be ugly out there, we know the Beauty Buffet is also endless and we CRAVE IT. 

All of it. Now.

Some circles might consider that a form of psychic vampirism.
Call it what you will. I call it AWESOME.   

We Possess Fine Tuned Bullshit Detectors.

We do, honestly. No Joke.  But what about the boundary issue horror stories, Molly?! 

Trust me, I have them. We all have them. But here's the thing...
Boundary issues become a problem for us because we've been socialized to believe that being nice trumps everything (including your guts and common sense). God FORBID we aren't NICE. 

THAT is what gets us in trouble, bunnies-- it's not our instincts, it's our niceness. But when we tell our Niceness Pixie to "fuck off" so we can hear ourselves think, we can sniff out a crook anywhere. Shitty landord? GONE. Thieving friend? GONE. Misogynist promoter? FIRED.

We are the Renegades The Earth is Thirsty For.

We make amazing healers, dynamic entertainers, talented teachers, genius artists of all kinds and Leaders. 

Yeah, you heard me. LEADERS. Not whimpering, morose sponges plagued with energetic malaise...  

Fucking Leaders. We make great bosses, business owners, coaches, spokespersons and role models because we know how how to wield words and actions to make people feel appreciated, actively listen and build them up.

So, Let's get our shit together, ground our crap, take excellent care of ourselves and THEN swim around, revel in, lick our fingers and Explode on the world like frightening, effective, confusing, technicolor creatures we're meant to be.

Let's tell ourselves a new story, sweethearts.

Forever In Awe of Your Weirdness,

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fucking Mermaid PSA: We Swim Around It

Dearest Mermaids,

Even though the family might not understand us, may try poke us with sharp things, tangle us in nets or make judgement calls about our lives,  we are going to Honor ourselves...because we're fucking Mermaids.

Even though we might allow other people to get under our shiny scales or unleash a hot pink streak of rage, we are going to Love the shit out of ourselves...because we're fucking mermaids.

We swim around it, over it, under it, through it Gracefully. 

As magickal creatures we know the junk that drops out of their mouths usually comes from a place of Love. In which case we have the powers to accept the Love, and leave the criticism behind like a candy wrapper.

As magickal creatures we know that if the junk drooling from their mouths sprouts from a more sinister place of Not Love that we don't have to accept it.

We know that Junk crawls out of a place of resentment of our happiness, regrets about mistakes and even a nasty stubborn wound that has nothing to do with us...

In which case we know to send them a big fucking scoop of Love--because Love is infinite and we can spare it.

We swim around it, over it, under it, through it Gracefully. 

As fucking Mermaids we recognize that just because we share genetic material or ceremonial bonds with others doesn't make it okay for them to treat us like shit.

Mermaids aren't dumb.

We're also wise enough and punk rock enough to know that it's okay if other people do not approve of our life choices, because WE approve of our life choices...and we're fucking mermaids.

Mermaids are allergic to ignorance.

We swim around it, over it, under it, through it Gracefully.  

We know the zeitgeist that if we do not perform to our tribes precise specifications--that we must be here, do this, say that or be brutally punished-- is a big fat lie we tell ourselves to stay unnecessarily stuck.

As free range creatures of Immpossibility,
as slippery sexy beings of the Deep,
as fucking mermaids, we say "Fuck that."

As experts at navigating dark waters, we know that this too will pass.

And we will swim around this, 
over this, 
under this
 and through this 
Gracefully together

Happy Holidays, Merfolks. XOXO



Sunday, December 6, 2015

Snow Queen Coloring Page for You!

I wanted to create a little goodie for you to enjoy while preparing for your winter festivities and say THANK YOU for all of your support, Moon Babies. 

Happy Coloring, ya weirdos! 

Click to enlarge image

Wishing you All the Magicks and Blessings of the Season, pumpkins.