Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lunar Whizbang Gratitude Ritual

We all know that gratitude is the key to insane happiness (Pintrest says so...). In fact we're told to be grateful so often that it can feel like a trite and puke worthy exercise in Fluffdom.

But warm fuzzies aside, the real gift of gratitude is gaining perspective and in a tangled life and confused world--

to get a fucking grip.

Gratitude rituals can be powerful but only  if you DO them.  The Key to a gratitude practice with a PUNCH is specificity.  The magick is really in the details.

Curl up and join me for a Lunar Whizbang Gratitude Ritual...

If you enjoyed this ritual, print the outline for your journal or grimoire! Change the words, rearrange to suit your tastes, do it standing on your head in the bathtub...just do it, Moon Babies.

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 May the Universe Shower You with Batshit Crazy Blessings, friends. 

From my black heart to yours, XOXO

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  1. I am grateful that I discovered you today on Youtube, and that your example has helped me realise that I can be me, practise the way I choose and not get hung up on trying to create a perfect grimoire, that its my personal journey and I can make it my way. Thank you sister and blessed be.