Sunday, September 20, 2015

Action as Offering: Witches, Service & Community

Whilst sprucing up my dark moon (goddess) altar, dusting away stale incense ash, fidgeting with the particular placement of statuettes and examining the oddly rubbery bruised skin of a desiccated apple I had placed weeks ago in offering to Hel, I thought to myself...

Does She really want another apple?

What if instead of trinkets and stale cups of beer I gave energy through acts of service--practical acts of Love-- as sacred offerings? What if I could show my community, my neighborhood, my city, what a witch really is through action?

What if I developed my relationship to Life, The Universe and Everything by moving through the world modeling and channeling that goddess behavior instead of leaving it on the meditation mat or the privacy of my altar?  

The rest of the week I began to reflect on the ideas about living in integrity as a witch, of being of service to the community through witchery and the possibilities of Action as Offering.

I decided that while I find the tableau of rotting fruit quite poetic, SHE has had her fill for the time being. 

SHE wants me to hit the pavement. 

Perhaps committing to extensive volunteering isn't a viable option for you at the moment, but that doesn't mean we can't make make a magickal impact.

If you are feeling called to express your witchy nature positively in your community or commit actions of offering, here are a few easy, realistic and inexpensive ways you can offer meaningful magick: 

Adopt an animal sacred to your deity or ancestors (You can also make small donations to shelters even if you aren't adopting animals.)

Start a compost heap or contribute to a community heap. (Great for dark goddess lovers.)

Carry a plastic bag and pick up litter on your regular walks in honor of the Land.

 Decide to be a custodian to a public space that might be sacred or special to you.

Bomb public spaces with Art.

Start a container vegetable garden and share the wealth.

Call your local food bank and see what's in demand--they need help ALL year.
Donate a piece of art to a hospital or nursing home. 

Call your local nursing home and see how you can best be of assistance.

Shelters are often in need of basic items like tampons and combs.

Donate books and magazines to a hospital.

Tend to a cemetery by sweeping and replacing flowers.

Don't assume that you don't have time to volunteer! Many organizations will gladly help you find something you want to do--even if it's only once!  (Craigslist has opportunities available in your area. Check out the "volunteers" tab on the community menu.)

Magick works through you and IS you. 

Are acts of service part of your practice? Do you use Action as Offering?

Much Love, Moon babies...



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"I Just Want to Feel Connected..."

"I just want to feel...Connected."

"I understand. Do  you meditate?"

"Not really a meditater."

We proceeded to talk about ritual, spending time in green places, a plethora of book resources...

 Who doesn't want to feel more connected? More a part of Life, The Universe and Everything? Tapped in, switched on and turned up to the world around them? To have their spider senses tingling with the sensation of being joyfully linked into the web of Consciousness?


Well I failed this person as I completely forgot about this INCREDIBLE and easy exercise to get plugged in, in contact and grounded in the magick of the mundane. It doesn't require hours of sitting on crystalline sand in solitude or the supervision of a guru-- only paper and pen.

It's a creative writing exercise I picked up in college. 

Before you roll your eyes and refresh facebook, know that I've used this trick to create prayers, rituals, poems, meditations and the seeds for every song I've ever written as well as a meditative medicine on it's own.

It goes like this:

1) Take your body to a place you can sit. This place can be public or private.

2) Take a moment to absorb your surroundings. Look around the coffee shop, forest or yurt you're in.

3) Write down your 5 Senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste.

4) For each sense, write the following: two things you can physically sense and one thing you perceive or imagine but don't physically experience. (You could call this your sixth sense.)  It might look something like this:

"The rumbling of feathers in the dryer.
The clacking of a broken shoe.
The wails  of dryer sheet ghosts."

5) Repeat for ALL of the senses. See if you can perceive and collect more than three sensations.

The point of this little poetry project is twofold: to simultaneously ground the body in mindfulness and sensuality while also exploring your environment with your creative feelers.  

Try this in different settings, mentally run through the exercise while walking to the bus, investigate everything and notice how alert, coherent, grounded and inspired you feel. 

How do you get connected?