Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Moon Blessings: Lights and Words for You

As was promised on facebook earlier this week, I'm celebrating the full moon by setting lights for each and every one of you. Let's make magick, moon babies...

Merry Full Moon, Bunnies.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Is There More to Mermaids? Myths, Musings and Treasures

Mermaids are particularly pervasive in popular culture at the moment. Their wild style it is easy to dive into with it's playful, imaginative, fantastical and instagramable allure. But what if there was something more to the mermaid trend? What if mermaids speak to something deeper? Something we crave?

In this mermaid diary, we'll muse on ancient mermaid lore, their place in popular culture, and how I personally interpret the symbolism of mermaids: 

Psyche diving, the dreamy depths, freedom, and their wild and often frightening implications... 

This ain't no Disney bullshit.

"What makes mermaids interesting is that they are part animal. The tail is what intrigues us and tickles the imagination. Mermaids show us an image of a creature with the higher consciousness and spirit of a human smashed up against the wild, the untamed, passionate, sometimes off putting, sometimes scary and unpredictable ANIMAL. And if you are feeling disconnected from your animal nature, mermaid energy might be something you want to utilize." 

Want more mer goodies? 

Here are a few ways you can wake up your inner Mer.

Enjoy this homemade Ocean Sanctuary Mermaid Meditation 

 Go to the water and recharge. It doesn't have to be an ocean or pristine beach! Rivers, lakes, swimming pools and even fountains have the replenishing and moving energy you are thirsty for.

 Run a bath and load it up with sea salt and soak in the surf vibes. Sprinkle in sea shells for good measure. If you don't have a tub, a foot soak works beautifully.

If rocks and crystals get you hot and bothered, I recommend selenite, adventurine, abalone shell and pearl to inspire watery magic and meditation.

Make time to tap in to your creativity right now. It's okay if you aren't a poet or painter-- make a magazine dreamboard, throw on something you've always wanted to wear, or rearrange your furniture . That's how we get in the FLOW, merbabies..

Huge Love from your Friendly Neighborhood Sea Witch,

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creepy. Crawly. Sacred. Who Is Talking To You?

Spider has been trying to get at me in a big way these days. Tucked into the corners of the porch, long invisible threads across the sidewalk, jumping out of suitcases...

Weaving, catching, creating, hunting, binding, gathering--

I'm not trying to be rude, Spider, but I'm listening.
Please stop trying to talk to me in the shower.

It's not just Spider-- butterflies, moths, darting dragonflies, hornets, rabbits, squirrels, sparrows, stray cats and the occasional rogue bat have been ringing my doorbell as well.

It can be difficult for city dwellers to remember that Nature isn't a place we visit. We still live in it. We're part of it. We ARE it. We can't be separated. Even tucked away in a 4th story apartment, we still inhabit a wilderness of sorts.

I am frequently guilty of entertaining the lie that the only way to get clear and focused or experience magic means getting as far away from concrete as possible. While no one will deny the helpfulness and healing tonic of uninterrupted natural beauty, for most of us a several month long holiday in the wilderness isn't possible. (Helicopters are expensive.)

Though city kitties may not have access to stoic ancient groves of oaks, we do have the benefit of being surrounded by messengers: the creepies, the crawlies, the dumpster divers and secret paws of urban wildlife.   

Paying attention to your local critters offers medicine, massive insights, poetry and interesting snacks for your subconscious...

Bat: death and rebirth, seeing the unseen, adaptability, facing fears, social skills.

Butterfly: Transformation. Growth. Creativity. What stage are you in?

Squirrel: Gathering. Anxiety. Hoarding. Flexibility. Storing energy. Preparedness. Safety.

Crow: Shape shifting. Change. Mindfulness. Speaking the truth. Balance.

Moth: Underlying messages, flow, sensitivity to environments, letting go of dead weight

Goose: Bravery, confidence, protection, assertiveness, communication, loyalty.

Bee: Teamwork, community, family, productivity, growth.

Rabbit: fears, worry, rest, reevaluate, release, boundaries, burrow for safety.

Fox: Adaptation, protection, cunning, decisiveness.

Seagull: Opportunity, freedom, resources, judgement, How is your discernment these days?

Racoon: Giving and receiving, shifting identity, disguise, being honest with yourself.

Duck: Make a move now, notice your surroundings, reconnection to others, new opportunity.

Chipmunk: Adventure, play, persistence and exploration.

Dragonfly: Wisdom, illusions, enlightenment, communication, messages.

Don't forget-- images of animal messengers count too! Critters that appear in bathroom graffiti, billboards, junk mail and murals are ALL fair game for cosmic advice.

Who has been trying to talk to you, Man Cub? 

Tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear all about it!

Thrive on, Moon Babies. XO