Saturday, July 4, 2015

Updates: Fairies, Burn Out and Retreat

Hello, Chickadees

For the last six months I've been off on adventures and pouring energy into projects which required pushing writing under the rug.

I've missed you. I know we "connect" on social media. But I don't just want to like your photos and nonchalantly heart vignettes of your life. I miss talking with you and telling stories. You humans.

So while tucked away in the north woods I made you a little video. We'll catch up, ramble about fairies, archetypes, the malaise of Burn Out and have our own little summer retreat.

I hope you enjoy our imperfect and impromptu visit.

P.S. I realize I use the phrase "down the rabbit hole" excessively. I blame it on the snot brain.

I hope your long summer days have been magical, that you are well and taking impeccable care of yourselves.

There's more rainbow infused city witch woo-woo shit coming at you SOON, honey bears.

How is your fairy doing?

All my Love from the Woods,


  1. I love your photo! Makes me miss my blue hair! Hope you arent too burned out!

  2. I love Ferngully! The fae, both dark and light are aleays an onspiration in my writing. I have always been very connected to plants and animals and there is a family stiry about how a tiny tree i visited and patted every day grew tall.

    I have realised I burn out if I presdure myself. I have to treat myself gently.

  3. Your journal is absolutely beautiful. Hope you're feeling less boogery!