Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baba Yaga! Crone Energy, Tough Love & Chicken Feet

 Baba. Grandmother.

 Baba Yaga.

The feral, unpredictable, fatally magical, certifiably dangerous, No-Fuck Giving Hag of the black forest.

Or in my humble opinion, a True death goddess undressed and waiting on the fringe of the wilderness to be rediscovered.

Illustration by Stephanie Brown

She makes due. She transforms.  She is crass and cuts to the quick. She'll tell you to quit bitching and DO something about it already...

Sometimes she comes as a creaking door, other times as the lady screaming at the bus stop, other times the voice of your grandmothers grandmothers grandmother you never had the pleasure to meet in the flesh.

One of my All Time Favorite Creatrix, Joanna DeVoe has been hostessing an incredible conversation around Witches Who Run With The Wolves (inspired by the classic, Women Who Run With The Wolves). I was delighted to tune into her Soul Retrival podcast and stumble into a rich discussion about Baba.

Baba is my girl. I was revved up and compelled to share.

In this ramble I'll touch on rediscovering Baba while searching for my Slavic roots, how the Baba delivers Tough Love by the gnarly fistful, why Crone doesn't need you, and of course...chicken feet.

"She is a bas relief buried in your psyche. If you're willing to grope around in the dark, you'll find her."


More Resources for Baba nerds:

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Wishing you all a sacred, succulent, Bull Shit free New Moon, Bunnies. 

Keep it Weird, XOXO


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