Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baba Yaga! Crone Energy, Tough Love & Chicken Feet

 Baba. Grandmother.

 Baba Yaga.

The feral, unpredictable, fatally magical, certifiably dangerous, No-Fuck Giving Hag of the black forest.

Or in my humble opinion, a True death goddess undressed and waiting on the fringe of the wilderness to be rediscovered.

Illustration by Stephanie Brown

She makes due. She transforms.  She is crass and cuts to the quick. She'll tell you to quit bitching and DO something about it already...

Sometimes she comes as a creaking door, other times as the lady screaming at the bus stop, other times the voice of your grandmothers grandmothers grandmother you never had the pleasure to meet in the flesh.

One of my All Time Favorite Creatrix, Joanna DeVoe has been hostessing an incredible conversation around Witches Who Run With The Wolves (inspired by the classic, Women Who Run With The Wolves). I was delighted to tune into her Soul Retrival podcast and stumble into a rich discussion about Baba.

Baba is my girl. I was revved up and compelled to share.

In this ramble I'll touch on rediscovering Baba while searching for my Slavic roots, how the Baba delivers Tough Love by the gnarly fistful, why Crone doesn't need you, and of course...chicken feet.

"She is a bas relief buried in your psyche. If you're willing to grope around in the dark, you'll find her."


More Resources for Baba nerds:

Child of Bones : Wild Russian Goddess
Child of Bones: Baba Yaga Youtube series
Joanna DeVoe: Hippie Witch Radio [Soul Retrieval: It Starts with Intuition]
Russian Witch Baba Yaga's Guide To Feminism. <--The Best Thing On The Internet.

Wishing you all a sacred, succulent, Bull Shit free New Moon, Bunnies. 

Keep it Weird, XOXO


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Unicorn Meditation!

A few weeks ago I put feelers out to see if any of you weirdos were feeling playful and looking to experience some guided meditations working with elementals.

The answer was a resounding, sparkling, emphatic YES.

So here it is, pumpkins.

Curl up under the covers, make a cup of tea, or steal away to the restroom at work. I hope you enjoy this imperfect recording of 17 minutes of joyful, unabashed, glittering Unicorn Bliss. 

Is there a theme for a guided meditation you would like to hear? Meow at me in the comments!

 It is my pleasure to grant your wishes.

More elemental treats to come, honey bears.

Be well.
All my Love,

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Updates: Fairies, Burn Out and Retreat

Hello, Chickadees

For the last six months I've been off on adventures and pouring energy into projects which required pushing writing under the rug.

I've missed you. I know we "connect" on social media. But I don't just want to like your photos and nonchalantly heart vignettes of your life. I miss talking with you and telling stories. You know...like humans.

So while tucked away in the north woods I made you a little video. We'll catch up, ramble about fairies, archetypes, the malaise of Burn Out and have our own little summer retreat.

I hope you enjoy our imperfect and impromptu visit.

P.S. I realize I use the phrase "down the rabbit hole" excessively. I blame it on the snot brain.

I hope your long summer days have been magical, that you are well and taking impeccable care of yourselves.

There's more rainbow infused city witch woo-woo shit coming at you SOON, honey bears.

How is your fairy doing?

All my Love from the Woods,