Friday, November 14, 2014

How To Be a Unicorn

When you are impossible you get to make up your own rules.

You are dazzlingly beautiful. This may freak out casual mortals. Forgive them.

Unicorns make wishes come true-- our own wishes and if you're feeling generous, the wishes of others.

You are graceful and ferocious. (Whew. Anyone else hot under the collar?)

Sometimes being rare and wonderful means people will want to ride on our backs, ask us to do tricks and perform miracles. You are a fucking Unicorn. Not a pony. 

Use your weird white magic to see into the hearts of others and trust what you see.

Giving your horn away--your deeply sacred hood ornament of YOUness-- means certain death.  Unicorn 101: Don't give your power away.

Unicorns can heal others without depleting their own vitality, but only if the Unicorn deems the recipient worthy or their source energy. Unicorns don't come cheap.  Keep your heart open, but never cut it out for free.

Lots of people won't believe you exist. Fuck em.  The ones that DO know you exist understand how precious and strange you are.

Ruthlessly sniff out poison and never trust a naked virgin you find in the woods.

Sometimes it will feel like you are the only one or worse, the last one. You aren't.

Unicorns don't fare well in captivity. We refuse to be trapped. We are Wild.

Unicorns Always Win.

 From One Mythical Beast to Another, XO