Friday, November 28, 2014

EXPAND: Updates and Announcements

Last December I chose a word for the year:

E X P A N D.

I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but I knew it sounded good. And a little dangerous.

That word has been dancing on my brain and pulling me in at least six directions at once and I wanted to share some of the  e x p a n s i o n  with you!

I had been secretly dreaming of a meditation group for years--How wonderful. How fun that would be. EXPAND said to quit the airy fairy wishes just f*ckin do it. And so Rainbow Lounge came in to the world...

The Rainbow Lounge Meditation Workshop is a guided meditation group that meets once a month in a cozy environment to enjoy the melty goodness of relaxation through imaginative and accessible visualizations. This has been and AMAZING experience and I can not wait for this month's session.

If unwinding with a group of gorgeous humans sounds good to you, you can learn more and register here. 

The Master Plan is to make meditations and reading materials available through the blog so you can participate in the class at your own pace and build your Self Care arsenal. Stay tuned, Moon Babies!

EXPAND also told me that it's time to connect with all of you and set up a Cream City Dreamsicle Mailing List. Once a month, I will be sending out a special Love Letter to you, Dear Readers.

In addition to your Love Letter, subscribers also receive free goodies, discounts on classes and exclusive, extra juicy content.

Speaking of freebies, EXPAND is big on Presents.

 EXPAND encouraged me to offer free Oracle Messages as a gift to you beautiful  humans for your continuous support.

Why Oracle Cards? Because it's FUN.

This is not a randomly generated canned robot  message. Submit your question and I will draw real cards with my real hands to pen a real message from my real heart to a very real you. 

What will you ask? Get yours here.

 Ask as MANY questions as your heart desires between now and December 31st.

 EXPAND has also been whispering, "Write a book."

Or rather,  Finish said book.  Expect strange romances, sacred dumpster diving and shameless voyeurism.

But more on that another day...

Where is expansion happening your cosmos?

Forever Yours,