Saturday, May 17, 2014

Updates from The Rabbit Hole

Don't worry--I haven't been trapped under a stack of newspapers. I've been adventuring in strange and subtle places, meeting new characters and doing everything but sleeping.

New Job. Burlesque gigs. Birthday Adventures. Kicking out the jams.

What started as a one-off "What the Hell, Don't Be a Weiner Let's Give it a Shot" experiment has transformed into a new Love. (You can read about that mortifying audition experience here.)  What a weird and awesome ride! The burlesque scene in Milwaukee is brimming with very nude, very generous, and wickedly creative artists.

A drawing of "Molly Hatchet" from this months Art Carnival by Amanda Hardy

It has been invigorating to perform with and be welcomed into a community of open minds and open arms.  I learn something new at every show... along with petting large reptiles, exploring haunted hallways, watching wonderful lunatics put their fingers in animal traps and sipping champagne in the back stairwell.

But mostly learning.

When not skulking around in bar basements dressed as a mermaid, Tigernite has been a rock and roll machine with a full summer line up. It never fails to amaze me-- The crowd just keeps getting PARTIER.

Tigernite at the Majestic Theater in Madison. Photo by Chris Lotten Photography

We're finishing preparations for our maiden tour which kicks off next week. I don't know if I can adequately describe how fucking excited I am--

More than Found-Twenty-Dollars-In-Winter-Coat-Pocket excited.

More than Night-Before-Christmas-And-You-Know-You-Got-a-Kitchenaid excited.

Like, Life Long Dream Actually Happening Excited.

I plan to document the whole excursion in excruciating detail for your reading pleasure. I can't wait.

More Dreamsicle goodies are on the burner!

Where have you been adventuring, Muffins?

Party On XO

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