Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crap That's Probably Magic. Probably.

Last week the siblings and I explored Antiques On Second and managed to stumble upon a whole stash of crap that's probably magic. Probably...

This rare power object once belonged to a Sasquatch necromancer. (A Sasquatch Necromancer, not to be confused with a necromancer that manipulates deceased Sasquatch. Different animals.)

When properly charged by neon lights, the wearer of this pendant has the power to open any beer in any  dimension.

This somber painting of long-deceased children may not be terribly magic per say, but is haunted as balls.

That counts.

Once belonging to a wizard monk, this charmed toad totem gives its owner the abilities of mediumship and sight underwater. (Freshwater, not salt water.)  Side enchantments include hallucinations and itchy chakras.

Leather face: Skin pulled from an animal face to make the skin of a different face. Think about it.

It's almost a Necranomicon. Probably dangerous. Definitely magic.

Wands are reasonably priced in bulk. Also effective as nose scratchers, divining rods, eye pokers and potent idiot repellent.

If you stare into the red bulbous nose of the demon clowns they will show you the cause of your death as reenacted by balloon animals.

A squeaky doom, indeed.

What strange and potentially poisonous places have you been exploring?

Stay Weird, Kittens XO

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