Sunday, April 13, 2014

When Everything is Ruined

Dear Sweetness,

I'm writing to you in hopes that are flourishing and having a great hair day.

The following scribbles are instructions: Use them now or stash them under your tongue for safe keeping. The cosmos asked me to pen you a Break Glass in Case of Emergency Love Note: What to do when Everything feels Ruined. 

Say out loud, "The only constant is change." It'll be your spell.

Situations are fluid. You're made of water, honey babe. You're fluid too. 

Take a break. Be alone. Have a meltdown. That's allowed.

If we depend only on our senses to provide us with what we perceive to be possible, our existence would be pitifully limited. Our eyes aren't smart enough to see cells divide, but we know it's true though we can't see or hear it happening.

Thank goodness.

Be open to the Sea of Possibilities: constantly dividing, building, spreading, feeding, never sleeping. It's a good thing.

Ask your molecules if what's plaguing you will matter a week from now, a year from now, five years from now. If the answer is no: Fuck it, darling. 

Now for an embarrassing story:

Recently I reached the verge of conniption and questioned my worth as a person over something so vapid it's hardly worth mentioning. I then heard on the radio that an entire plane full of humans--all of them someones child or mum or lover-- were swallowed up by the ocean like a pair of lost car keys.

Game over. No closure. Ghosts in the water. 

It occurred to me that I was a jackass.


Zoom out and look at a situation like a specter from the ozone. See how grateful you feel. Where there is gratitude there is inspiration.

Your sexiest organ is your imagination. Fantasize that you have super powers to fix your situation. Visualize it. You probably already have some of those powers. Use them.

I remember once when everything was ruined I heard Bob Dylan wheeze "Everything passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do". I took the recording with a tall glass of water until signs of improvement were undeniable.

It's all just a dream babe, a vacuum, a scheme, babe--
that sucks you into feeling like this.

Perhaps your Information to Knowledge Balance is wonkess. Treat yourself to the sweet sensation of being Unplugged. 

It can feel like everyone is watching you. They're not.

Be naughty.

Enjoy the secret thrill of being the only one who knows what you ate. Slip out of the Information House, climb out the window and leave a carefully propped pillow under your blanket so you're mum thinks you're asleep...

It'll all be here when you get back.

If you want to come back.

I can keep a secret.

Madly & Forever Yours,

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration! Broke a bone in my knee and am feeling particularly put out about having to use crutches, wear a brace, not able to drive, etc., etc. Then I stop to realize that it could have been a bone in my hand or arm that broke and then I would not be able to work/type/feed myself, etc., etc., etc. Terrible about those people on the plane. Will we ever know what really happened? Thanks again!