Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seven Bridges & Phantom Mantis

It was a perfectly perfect day to drive a few minutes out of the city to investigate a phantom praying mantis.

Seven Bridges is said to be haunted by all sorts of strange specters-- wandering restless spirits, floating lights and as previously mentioned, a gigantic ghost mantis.

While the excursion was short on paranormal encounters, it was refreshing to trek into the woods and search for signs of life. Let's explore!

Where have you been seeking out Spring?

Happy Wanderings, XO

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

When Everything is Ruined

Dear Sweetness,

I'm writing to you in hopes that are flourishing and having a great hair day.

The following scribbles are instructions: Use them now or stash them under your tongue for safe keeping. The cosmos asked me to pen you a Break Glass in Case of Emergency Love Note: What to do when Everything feels Ruined. 

Say out loud, "The only constant is change." It'll be your spell.

Situations are fluid. You're made of water, honey babe. You're fluid too. 

Take a break. Be alone. Have a meltdown. That's allowed.

If we depend only on our senses to provide us with what we perceive to be possible, our existence would be pitifully limited. Our eyes aren't smart enough to see cells divide, but we know it's true though we can't see or hear it happening.

Thank goodness.

Be open to the Sea of Possibilities: constantly dividing, building, spreading, feeding, never sleeping. It's a good thing.

Ask your molecules if what's plaguing you will matter a week from now, a year from now, five years from now. If the answer is no: Fuck it, darling. 

Now for an embarrassing story:

Recently I reached the verge of conniption and questioned my worth as a person over something so vapid it's hardly worth mentioning. I then heard on the radio that an entire plane full of humans--all of them someones child or mum or lover-- were swallowed up by the ocean like a pair of lost car keys.

Game over. No closure. Ghosts in the water. 

It occurred to me that I was a jackass.


Zoom out and look at a situation like a specter from the ozone. See how grateful you feel. Where there is gratitude there is inspiration.

Your sexiest organ is your imagination. Fantasize that you have super powers to fix your situation. Visualize it. You probably already have some of those powers. Use them.

I remember once when everything was ruined I heard Bob Dylan wheeze "Everything passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do". I took the recording with a tall glass of water until signs of improvement were undeniable.

It's all just a dream babe, a vacuum, a scheme, babe--
that sucks you into feeling like this.

Perhaps your Information to Knowledge Balance is wonkess. Treat yourself to the sweet sensation of being Unplugged. 

It can feel like everyone is watching you. They're not.

Be naughty.

Enjoy the secret thrill of being the only one who knows what you ate. Slip out of the Information House, climb out the window and leave a carefully propped pillow under your blanket so you're mum thinks you're asleep...

It'll all be here when you get back.

If you want to come back.

I can keep a secret.

Madly & Forever Yours,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Help! I'm Falling Out of Love

"If it wasn't for _______ (fill in obligation),  I wouldn't even be here."

"The ______ scene is awful."

"There is absolutely nothing keeping me here."

I hear it from both strangers and close friends and it breaks my Dreamsicle heart in tween.  Have you fallen out of love with your neighborhood? Don't fret. We've got a little Love Potion Guide to help you romance your city again.


You don't have to drink. I know, it sounds blasphemous and insane but don't punch your screen yet.
We've all heard the complaint/excuse that there's nothing to do but drink. I'm not suggesting we become nuns, but if the bar scene is draining for you-- don't do it.

If the party is agonizing or the music is insufferable without a gallon of gin in your gullet, maybe it just isn't fun to begin with. Meet up and camp out at a coffee house or sushi bar.

Claim a secret space. One of the best parts of being in love is having secrets. Try this one. Or this one.

Or this one. Hell, any of these.

Walk. I have the pleasure of being a professional pedestrian and I attribute much of my Love for the city to having opportunities to observe. You can't see the sun glinting off the top of the Library, watch ducks, check in on gardens or pick up treasures when you're driving.

Physically gain a new perspective. View your city from the pier, from the top of a sky scrapper, gliding beneath bridges on the river, or from the top of a Ferris wheel. You'll find things you never knew you loved.

Break out of your rut. Perhaps your distaste is simply boredom in disguise. Adventures are good for any relationship.

Get on a list. Don't depend entirely on Facebook to keep you in the loop. Get on mailing lists for projects and groups that tickle you. Take photos of bulletin boards and posters to keep in mind while plotting your weekend.

You need music in your life. Read this blog.  That is all.

It's possible that your friends suck. Perhaps you're not out of love with your city, but you've outgrown your group. Negative people who rag on everything make it impossible to ascend to the highest levels of party. And being caught under a bitchy black cloud could ruin even the most idyllic metropolis.

Branch out, you've got love to give.

Show your love by showing up. Do you like that there are musicians in your neighborhood? Go to shows. Do you love that there are tassel twirlers in your city? Get to a review. Think your friends are funny? Get to the open mic. Someone you work with made a movie? Get your mitts on a ticket.

If you feel as though your community is weak and you're not turning out to support it, it's possible you're part of the problem. Be part of the solution. Be what makes us better.

Which leads us to our last bit of Love Tonic:

Your city, your neighborhood and your scene are like any other Lover in your life. 

You need to give to get. The fun is abundant but don't expect it to curl up in your lap. You need to go find it. There will be moments of anger and disinterest, but if you put forth the effort there are sweet (and usually sexy) rewards.

But most importantly friends,

If after you've shared a feast or licked your fingers dining alone, strolled along the marina while your hair is whipped about by the lake, fawned over driftwood monuments--

skulked in graveyards, paid homage to the gods of Rock and Roll, screamed at the lucha libre match, been wooed by a darkened movie house--

Swarmed by Glamazons, covered in paint and drink and good company and you STILL feel as though there is a hole in your city soul and something is missing...

Maybe you need to make it.

Maybe it's your sign that that is what you need to do. Maybe that's your calling.

All of the things we love started out as someones gift, as someones "Wouldn't it be neat if..."

Possibility is at the core of my love for Milwaukee. There is room to grow.

Let's have an affair.

What do you love about MKE, kittens? Meow it in the comments

Forever Yours,