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Rockabilly Girl Productions: Art Carnival, Elvis and Inspiration

 As a Milwaukee based theatrical and art event machine, Rockabilly Girl Productions conspires with a variety of artists and performers to bring the city entertaining treats with a funky retro edge.
Cream City Dreamsicle gets the scoop with producer Alice Wilson on her latest Art Carnival extravaganza.

Alice Wilson of Rockabilly Girl Productions

It's been a busy year for you and we're barely three months in! You're very prolific. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating your events and performances?

Sometimes ideas literally come to me in my dreams, while showering or watching other shows. As cliche as it sounds I'm inspired by life...other artists, musicians, classic movies, thrift store shopping, horror movies & shows, classic cars, traveling...

 I've had a love affair with everything vintage as far back as I can recall. I fondly remember my paternal grandmother playing records on an old Victrola and going to visit my maternal grandmother regularly at the Nobby Grill Diner in my hometown where she made all of the deserts by scratch.

 I've often said that I long so completely for the decades prior to when I was born that I'm convinced I've had previous lives. In 2012 my husband and I honeymooned in Vegas and caught the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil show which inspired us to produce The Blue Hawaii Spectacular at Next Act Theatre in 2013.

As a producer, what do you want people to take away from your events?

As a producer, first and foremost I love creating not just a show but an experience. I want people to walk in the door and be able to forget about their problems for a little while and just be unabashedly entertained. 

I try and remember the sheer magical feeling I felt every time I got to go to a play or the circus, a parade or an Ice Capades show when I was a little girl. I hope adults can get as close to that feeling as possible when they come to my events.

What makes Art Carnival particularly awesome?

I think Art Carnival is particularly awesome because it melds many from different disciplines all together...visual artists, burlesque & carnival performers, dancers, actors, [and] comediennes.

So often times events seem to be this OR that. Anyone who knows me well can tell you I'm very much about collaboration. I hope that Art Carnival will broaden the demographic in terms of RGP's audience. There is something for everyone at Art Carnival. Three friends with different interests could all come together and have a fantastic time!

Love it! The March 5th Art Carnival features a figure drawing session with the performers. For our readers who might not be pro figure artists, what can they expect?

My background is not only in theatre but in art as well. My day job is art modeling at many area schools including MIAD, UWM, Alverno, The Art Institute of WI and MATC. Generally speaking a model does a variety of poses which can range anywhere from 30 sec gesture poses to 5 min to class long poses with breaks. In figure drawing classes this is done nude as students are studying the human anatomy & skeletal structure. 

At Art Carnival the drawing portion will last for about 1 hour and involve the performers in costume striking 5, 10 and 20 min poses. Anyone is welcome to try your hand and drawing weather you're a 30 year art veteran or it's your first time. There will be some scratch paper, crayons, etc. for this wishing to doodle for fun. More serious artists will want to bring their sketch pads, charcoal, etc.

This production will feature, Burlesque, Boylesque, Belly Dance, live drawing and games.

What other Rockabilly Girl Happenings should we mark on our calendars?

Art Carnival will be the first Wed of every month so the next three are April 2, May 7 & June 4th

I am particularly excited about May 7th because you will be performing and that one will be horror based (horror=another of my obsessions) in order to promote the Second Annual Horror-O-Rama on Friday May 16th from 6p-10p at Best Place located in the old Pabst Brewery site at 901 W. Juneau.

Tentatively scheduled near the end of August is The Hillbilly Cabaret at The Underground Collaborative. Stay tuned for details and more very exciting announcements from Rockabilly Girl Productions!

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Go forth and have fun, kittens!

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