Monday, March 10, 2014

Magic Monday: Wanderlust

I've got the Wanderlust. Hard.

This year is packed with trips and I'm itching to stuff my blue floral suitcase, throw my boots in the trunk and get Nowhere fast. If birds and butterflies can make it across the country, so can I.

Secret Caves. Pink Mountains. Painted Desert. It's time to make little tracks on the map--

Explore places I've never been, hike and horseback in the heat, get lost, find stars, discover unloved juke boxes and watering holes...

Grow out my hair and get bugs in my teeth. Maybe change my name and join the circus as a professional Mermaid.

Or just get really sunburned. Stranger things have happened.

What dimensions do you want to explore? Where will you be wandering?

Happy Trails,  Dreamers.


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