Monday, February 10, 2014

Magic Monday: Secret Gardens

What is more magical than a lush oasis in the dead of winter?

Nothing. None more magical.

Except Unicorns. Unicorn Exception granted.

The past few days I've been obsessed with secret gardens and hidden passages. I gleaned the idea from a book on Hawaiian shamanism. As part of a meditative practice, the author suggests creating an imaginary garden that your subconscious mind can retreat too.

I skipped dinner and went straight to dessert with the conscious mind. She needs a break too.

 How fun was it to be swept away visualizing the details of my ultimate green retreat filled with my favorite blooms, soft mosses and mysterious doors?  A LOT OF FUN.

Wisteria, magnolia trees, flowering crabs, ferns, tall grasses, salmon poppies...

Moss. Everywhere. A heady dirt smell.

Perhaps a waterfall--not ostentatious. Just big enough to be awesome. 

Take a moment to imagine it. What does your secret garden look like? 
Whisper it in the comments...

Dream on XO,

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  1. Mmmm...that does sound magical right about now. I would have to say that my oasis is a thick forest with little streams of sunlight leaking through the branches and a red forest floor filled with ferns. <3 Just typing that relaxed me.

  2. i'm so going to do this today! roses, peonys, wisteria, marigolds, delphinium, dahlias...on and on...oh and PUMPKINS! :-)