Monday, February 17, 2014

Magic Monday: Sacred Geometry

While standing in the blue dark of the yard, the square of light from the window made their sparkle apparent.

The winter has been tough on us, and I thought about how thankful I'll be to see grass again. Staring off into the white space I remembered: Every single one of these flakes is unique. 

Not to get cornball on you, Muffins, but that's incredible.

Millions of flakes. Little bits of moisture and dirt coming together to create crystals.

Apparently there is no scientific explanation as to why each snowflake is different as each contains the same number of oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

They just...are.

Silent origami creations, complex sacred geometry that melt away on your skin to transform into plants and steam and homes for whales.  

In the mean time, 35 days until spring.

Dream on,

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