Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kick Your Rut In The Shins

While perusing the blogosphere, I've found a boatload of articles on respectable sites offering suggestions on digging your way out of a Winter Rut.

Most consisted of riveting activities like looking at yourself in the mirror and telling your reflection what a cute ass you have. I'm not making this up.

Another suggested the aforementioned ass exercise paired with the purchase of expensive lingerie.

Yet another prescribed getting FUCKING CRAZY and buying some red lipstick.

I imagined trying these activities in tandem and it resulted in a Silence of The Lambs-esque bathroom mirror showdown, smearing lipstick on my face and chanting, "It puts the lotion on it's skin..."

Not really what I had in mind.  

In lieu of an expensive shopping list, I present to you:

Cream City Dreamsicle's Guide to Kicking Your Winter Rut in The Shins:

Read something you don't think you'll like. Reading biographies? Try a Sci Fi adventure. Love shoot-em-ups? Try digging into gothic poetry. Ditch the internet for books. You'll feel productive. 

Go out in disguise. You know what to do.

Make Ensembles. Hang up your entire closet as pre-styled costumes. You'll find stuff you didn't know you had and re purpose pieces you thought you were over.

Have a theme party. It doesn't have to be fancy--make PB&J's in ski masks.

Check in on your New Years Resolutions. Remember those?

Listen to a guided meditation in the bathtub. Add bubbles and ice cream of choice for Ninja Level relaxation.

Go to a Museum to document the patrons.  Draw, photograph, eavesdrop and don't get caught.

Attend a drop-in class or workshop.  Don't have time or dollars to commit to a block of classes? Try a drop in figure drawing session, sewing workshop or dance class. 

Go to a movie to eat popcorn dinner. 

Write an actual letter on paperLick that envelope and send it to a friend.

Find an Open Mic. Poetry, comedy, music. Spectate or participate. You might like it.

Set out on an adventure with the intention to meet new people.

Plan your garden. Make a map--What will you grow?

Host an Exquisite Corpse party. Intrigued? Learn how to do it here, weirdo.

Clean in Anticipation of Spring. You'll feel better. Plus, you won't want to do it when it's nice out.

Build a serious fort. Because winter is hard. 

Learn how to use your camera and go on a rainbow scavenger hunt.

Be a hero in your neighborhood. Need ideas?

Listen through your entire music library. 

Get thee to a drag show. Like yesterday.

Send a message to a friend that thinks you've forgotten them.

Start that journal you keep thinking about. There are endless approaches to journaling. Google that shit.

Consider your fuel intake. What are you eating? Is it time for a detox?

Find a quiet place to be alone. Tell no one you're going. It'll be our secret.

Plan your incredible summer vacation. Where have you always wanted to wander?

Make a pizza from scratch.  No cheating.

Work your way through a coloring book cover to cover.  Hang the results over your mantle.

Get organized. 

Start learning another language. Or pick up where you left off in high school.

Gratitude medicine is good for a quick pick me up. 

Try doing something scary. Use your sexy imagination. 

Meet at a hooka bar for game night. 

Make a killer mix tape for a friend. Or imagine the tape is the only evidence of your life on earth. What would you choose?

Start a secret society.

Write to yourself. If your rut isn't boredom, but something potentially more serious, write a letter to yourself explaining what you need. 

Visit or make an appointment to check out your Library's "Special Collection".  It's where they hide all the crazy shit. Call ahead and blow the entire day in book bliss.

Unplug. Media cleanse. You're not missing anything. It'll be there when you get back.

Go to the Zoo. The animals still exist off season. The jellyfish would love to catch up.

What do you do to escape the rut? Share your musings in the comments.

We're all in this together, XO


  1. I like to visualize getting advice and comfort from some of my favorite actors and fictional characters. It works for me, and makes me look at events in my life from a different perspective.

  2. I love your lists! I read craft magazines or watch YouTube videos to get new ideas.