Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eff That: Feel Better Right Now

Sometimes it feels like we're Stuck-- that everyone around us is succeeding to our detriment and our day to day becomes a Shit Buffet of Annoyances or worse, boring runny oatmeal.

It becomes routine to compare our stack to strangers and take a morbid joy in confirming the laundry list of why Everything Sucks:

 All of the serial TV we're supposed to be ingesting. All the weight we're supposed to be shedding. All the anonymous sex we're supposed to be having. All the money we're supposed to be making. All the "Real Jobs" we're supposed to be engrossed in. All the misery we're supposed to wallow in to be taken seriously. All the enormous static Swedish apartments we're supposed to live in. All the non stop hours of magazine worthy debauchery with countless sexy friends....

Fuck that.  Stop doing that to yourself. It's exhausting. 

Comparison is the thief of Joy and your Joy is fucking powerful. 

So how do we get out of the rut? How do we stop the cycle of comparison? How do we stop feeling like garbage?

We express Gratitude.

Check this out-- Let's feel better RIGHT now.  All you have to do is read. Ready? 

[*Gold stars for anyone who writes down the answers.*]

Think of 5 humans you love-- the first ones that come to mind. Keep going if you want.

Think of an animal companion you loved in the past or presently love in this dimension.

Think about the comfort of your bed.

Think about the last hot shower you took and that you have a space to be clean.

Think about the color of the four walls around you and what the floor feels like beneath you.

Think about your lungs filling and cells dividing without your help. It's a cool trick.

Think about your job and the way it supports you. (If you hate your job, think of something or someone at work that you do like.)

Think about a beautiful place that you've visited. It can be any place.

Think about how your clothes feel on your body: their weight, their texture. 

Think about your closet and your sock drawer and all the bits in them.

Think about your favorite record. (Don't over think it. Just love it.)

Think about each individual hair on your head and how weird that is.

Think about a gift you've received. Any gift. Or all the gifts.

Think about the last thing you ate.

Think of the last time you played with friends.

Think about the sun hanging out in space and how good that exploding ball of gas feels.

Think of one person who thinks you are the bees knees. (It's more than perfect if it's your mom.)

Think about how you're feeling right now: How Full and real your life actually is

Realistically the list could go on, but we have shit to do today. 

I am grateful for your visit and your readership, kitten.

What are you feeling grateful for? Meow it in the comments!

Let's be better & feel better. xo


  1. Wonderful! I am going to keep this list to help me remember the simple things in life! You are terrific.

    1. Thank you Janet! Thank you for all of your support. Have an awesome day!! <3

  2. Ahhh, thanks for this! Grateful for so much, and this totally includes you. XO

  3. Now my scalp feels all tingly thinking about all my individual hairs. :)
    Lovely list, Mo.