Friday, February 14, 2014

Ask a Dreamsicle: Rock & Roll Edition

Welcome to the newest weekly segment on the blog: Ask a Dreamsicle!

 Our first question comes to us from a handful or rock-and-rollers who are ready to take over the world. Several very similar questions were submitted, so we'll squash it into one mega inquiry:

"I want to play out! How do you set up shows? 
Do I need a press kit? Do you have to talk to the venue?"

Awesome question! Yes, in the beginning you have to reach out to the venue. So after you've practiced your act like it's your job, here are a few tips to expedite your communications and start moving bodies:

1) Have a recording. It doesn't have to be radio ready or hyper produced but it does need to give a promoter an accurate idea of what you sound like.

If you don't have a recording yet, make that a priority.

Do it now. Read this later.

2) When you reach out to a venue asking for performance time, you are asking for a job. Your initial email is a resume.

State what you want as succinctly and politely as possible. Be sure to include your contact information, important links and for the love-of-kitten-whiskers, Spell Check.

3) Before you contact a venue, do a little research and make sure you're a good matchGo visit and investigate other acts that are regularly on the calendar.

4) Have a date in mind.  "I'd like to play at your venue in the general future sometime thanxKbye"  will not be as fruitful as asserting: "I  am interested in availability for weekends in March of 2014. Any information you could provide would be appreciated."

5) It never hurts to follow up. Most of the time, clubs have one human who is responsible for ALL correspondence with bands, show organization and special event set up. WOAH! Give them a little time to digest and respond to you. If it's been a few weeks, a polite check in is appropriate.

With that in mind....

Just because a venue doesn't hit you back immediately doesn't mean they hate you. Sometimes your date won't be available or the right line up hasn't coalesced.

6) Press kits? Hard-copy-printed-on-paper press kit aren't usually necessary. They normally turn into expensive and time consuming garbage. A well formatted email with appropriate links to pictures, social media and videos is effective. And free. We like that.

6) Be on the look out for opportunities to open. Venues post upcoming headlining acts weeks, sometimes months in advance. If you see "TBA" posted beneath an act that would jazz with your act, jump on it!

7) Book early. Way early. Why? It gives you a better chance of securing the date you desire and adequate time to promote your bad ass show!

To recap: be precise, be polite and plan ahead. Don't be afraid to ask.

I hope you found this answer helpful, boppers.  I wish you all of the best in your rock and roll adventures!

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Stay Awesome, Ponies.

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