Monday, February 24, 2014

Magic Monday: City of The Dead

I've written about my Love before: the way she wooed me with her weird magic and broke my heart. This time last year, we were wandering in the damp spring of the French Quarter.  Though I loved all of NOLA's peeling paint, scaly windows,voodoo priestesses, wild actors and stray cats--

 it was St. Louis Cemetery Number One I loved best.

When walking through a city of the dead, a subtle hysteria takes over. You notice you're slowly sinking and that you too will succumb to the moss and flood water.

You entertain a mysticism when you accept that just like the soft limestone statues, a little wind and rain is all it takes to wash your hands and face away too.

There is an urgency in being startled by slabs of rock crumbling and breaking to bits on the side walk.  

Do it now, not later. Do it now. Do it now...

The heaps of trash and treasures are carefully assembled by fans, family, worshipers and drunks: prayers, apologies and plastic forks.

Will anyone leave lipstick on our graves?

I like to think so.

Do it now, Muffins.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kick Your Rut In The Shins

While perusing the blogosphere, I've found a boatload of articles on respectable sites offering suggestions on digging your way out of a Winter Rut.

Most consisted of riveting activities like looking at yourself in the mirror and telling your reflection what a cute ass you have. I'm not making this up.

Another suggested the aforementioned ass exercise paired with the purchase of expensive lingerie.

Yet another prescribed getting FUCKING CRAZY and buying some red lipstick.

I imagined trying these activities in tandem and it resulted in a Silence of The Lambs-esque bathroom mirror showdown, smearing lipstick on my face and chanting, "It puts the lotion on it's skin..."

Not really what I had in mind.  

In lieu of an expensive shopping list, I present to you:

Cream City Dreamsicle's Guide to Kicking Your Winter Rut in The Shins:

Read something you don't think you'll like. Reading biographies? Try a Sci Fi adventure. Love shoot-em-ups? Try digging into gothic poetry. Ditch the internet for books. You'll feel productive. 

Go out in disguise. You know what to do.

Make Ensembles. Hang up your entire closet as pre-styled costumes. You'll find stuff you didn't know you had and re purpose pieces you thought you were over.

Have a theme party. It doesn't have to be fancy--make PB&J's in ski masks.

Check in on your New Years Resolutions. Remember those?

Listen to a guided meditation in the bathtub. Add bubbles and ice cream of choice for Ninja Level relaxation.

Go to a Museum to document the patrons.  Draw, photograph, eavesdrop and don't get caught.

Attend a drop-in class or workshop.  Don't have time or dollars to commit to a block of classes? Try a drop in figure drawing session, sewing workshop or dance class. 

Go to a movie to eat popcorn dinner. 

Write an actual letter on paperLick that envelope and send it to a friend.

Find an Open Mic. Poetry, comedy, music. Spectate or participate. You might like it.

Set out on an adventure with the intention to meet new people.

Plan your garden. Make a map--What will you grow?

Host an Exquisite Corpse party. Intrigued? Learn how to do it here, weirdo.

Clean in Anticipation of Spring. You'll feel better. Plus, you won't want to do it when it's nice out.

Build a serious fort. Because winter is hard. 

Learn how to use your camera and go on a rainbow scavenger hunt.

Be a hero in your neighborhood. Need ideas?

Listen through your entire music library. 

Get thee to a drag show. Like yesterday.

Send a message to a friend that thinks you've forgotten them.

Start that journal you keep thinking about. There are endless approaches to journaling. Google that shit.

Consider your fuel intake. What are you eating? Is it time for a detox?

Find a quiet place to be alone. Tell no one you're going. It'll be our secret.

Plan your incredible summer vacation. Where have you always wanted to wander?

Make a pizza from scratch.  No cheating.

Work your way through a coloring book cover to cover.  Hang the results over your mantle.

Get organized. 

Start learning another language. Or pick up where you left off in high school.

Gratitude medicine is good for a quick pick me up. 

Try doing something scary. Use your sexy imagination. 

Meet at a hooka bar for game night. 

Make a killer mix tape for a friend. Or imagine the tape is the only evidence of your life on earth. What would you choose?

Start a secret society.

Write to yourself. If your rut isn't boredom, but something potentially more serious, write a letter to yourself explaining what you need. 

Visit or make an appointment to check out your Library's "Special Collection".  It's where they hide all the crazy shit. Call ahead and blow the entire day in book bliss.

Unplug. Media cleanse. You're not missing anything. It'll be there when you get back.

Go to the Zoo. The animals still exist off season. The jellyfish would love to catch up.

What do you do to escape the rut? Share your musings in the comments.

We're all in this together, XO

Monday, February 17, 2014

Magic Monday: Sacred Geometry

While standing in the blue dark of the yard, the square of light from the window made their sparkle apparent.

The winter has been tough on us, and I thought about how thankful I'll be to see grass again. Staring off into the white space I remembered: Every single one of these flakes is unique. 

Not to get cornball on you, Muffins, but that's incredible.

Millions of flakes. Little bits of moisture and dirt coming together to create crystals.

Apparently there is no scientific explanation as to why each snowflake is different as each contains the same number of oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

They just...are.

Silent origami creations, complex sacred geometry that melt away on your skin to transform into plants and steam and homes for whales.  

In the mean time, 35 days until spring.

Dream on,

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ask a Dreamsicle: Rock & Roll Edition

Welcome to the newest weekly segment on the blog: Ask a Dreamsicle!

 Our first question comes to us from a handful or rock-and-rollers who are ready to take over the world. Several very similar questions were submitted, so we'll squash it into one mega inquiry:

"I want to play out! How do you set up shows? 
Do I need a press kit? Do you have to talk to the venue?"

Awesome question! Yes, in the beginning you have to reach out to the venue. So after you've practiced your act like it's your job, here are a few tips to expedite your communications and start moving bodies:

1) Have a recording. It doesn't have to be radio ready or hyper produced but it does need to give a promoter an accurate idea of what you sound like.

If you don't have a recording yet, make that a priority.

Do it now. Read this later.

2) When you reach out to a venue asking for performance time, you are asking for a job. Your initial email is a resume.

State what you want as succinctly and politely as possible. Be sure to include your contact information, important links and for the love-of-kitten-whiskers, Spell Check.

3) Before you contact a venue, do a little research and make sure you're a good matchGo visit and investigate other acts that are regularly on the calendar.

4) Have a date in mind.  "I'd like to play at your venue in the general future sometime thanxKbye"  will not be as fruitful as asserting: "I  am interested in availability for weekends in March of 2014. Any information you could provide would be appreciated."

5) It never hurts to follow up. Most of the time, clubs have one human who is responsible for ALL correspondence with bands, show organization and special event set up. WOAH! Give them a little time to digest and respond to you. If it's been a few weeks, a polite check in is appropriate.

With that in mind....

Just because a venue doesn't hit you back immediately doesn't mean they hate you. Sometimes your date won't be available or the right line up hasn't coalesced.

6) Press kits? Hard-copy-printed-on-paper press kit aren't usually necessary. They normally turn into expensive and time consuming garbage. A well formatted email with appropriate links to pictures, social media and videos is effective. And free. We like that.

6) Be on the look out for opportunities to open. Venues post upcoming headlining acts weeks, sometimes months in advance. If you see "TBA" posted beneath an act that would jazz with your act, jump on it!

7) Book early. Way early. Why? It gives you a better chance of securing the date you desire and adequate time to promote your bad ass show!

To recap: be precise, be polite and plan ahead. Don't be afraid to ask.

I hope you found this answer helpful, boppers.  I wish you all of the best in your rock and roll adventures!

 Do you you have a question for Ask a Dreamsicle
 Inbox me on facebook or leave your burning questions in the comments.

Stay Awesome, Ponies.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

V Day Matters: TRY NOT TO DIE

February 14th.

July 12th. 

December 4th. 

Just days. Dates. One very much like the other. So why do we phreak out about February 14th? Why do we loose our minds agonizing over blowing our romantic wad, wallowing in shame or worse, oozing our displeasure like a card carrying member of the Breakfast Club?

 It's a phenomenon: we don't do this with other dates on the calendar.


"I didn't receive edible underwear for Labor Day. I have failed in this life. Preheat the oven."

Said no one ever.

Please don't nuke your self worth over candy, Muffins. You're too smart for that.

Well, it's different when you have someone. That might be true. My partner and I have been a team for a decade. We don't acknowledge Valentines Day. We don't buy Christmas presents.We don't splurge on birthday gifts.

We never have. It's not because we don't care for each other or sport a snotty attitude about holidays. We're just responsible for our own happiness and acquisition of stuff.

Giving myself a headache attempting to send telepathic messages to my partner seems like an awfully ineffective way to manifest some carnations.

I know where to find them. If I want flowers, I'm going to buy myself flowers. And I do. Often.

That, and mind control takes practice and I'm pretty lazy. But I digress...

"SURVIVING VALENTINES DAY" literature makes me sigh, as if the tradition is to don riot gear and dodge waves of shrapnel and mustard gas.


We don't need to "survive" shit.

Don't put yourself through that. You don't have to. 
I mean, unless you're into that kind of thing.

Imagine for a moment, what your life would be like if your happiness depended entirely on the actions of other people.  Now stop imagining it, because THAT'S INSANE. 

 Let's be honest with our gummy bear hearts for a minute: If  the thought of a day- that is no more or less a holiday than the Super Bowl or Groundhogs Day- drives you to drink alone, the only one perpetuating that personal hell is you.

And if seeing other humans be happy is your kryptonite--you can blame your Ex or Hallmark. But that's on you too, pumpkin. 

You can choose to participate or not. You can choose to go to dinner or not. You can choose to buy flowers or not. You can choose to go to a movie alone or not. You can choose have fun or be upset.

You can choose to do nothing. You can choose anything you want. 

You're a smart and beautiful creature. Don't give your Power away. Not for a pharmacy teddy bear.

Let's take a deep breath, hug a little and get a grip.

Show yourself the Respect you deserve. 

Love and Be Loved--
Every Day Any Way You Want It. 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Magic Monday: Secret Gardens

What is more magical than a lush oasis in the dead of winter?

Nothing. None more magical.

Except Unicorns. Unicorn Exception granted.

The past few days I've been obsessed with secret gardens and hidden passages. I gleaned the idea from a book on Hawaiian shamanism. As part of a meditative practice, the author suggests creating an imaginary garden that your subconscious mind can retreat too.

I skipped dinner and went straight to dessert with the conscious mind. She needs a break too.

 How fun was it to be swept away visualizing the details of my ultimate green retreat filled with my favorite blooms, soft mosses and mysterious doors?  A LOT OF FUN.

Wisteria, magnolia trees, flowering crabs, ferns, tall grasses, salmon poppies...

Moss. Everywhere. A heady dirt smell.

Perhaps a waterfall--not ostentatious. Just big enough to be awesome. 

Take a moment to imagine it. What does your secret garden look like? 
Whisper it in the comments...

Dream on XO,

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Retrograde, Rock & Roll and a Cry for Help

Holy smokes, Dreamsicles--What a week! And the weekend is JUST beginning.

Tigernite is packing up our gypsy caravan for a rock-roll-road trip to Minneapolis and braving the tundra and play for some new party animals.

Upon returning, it's time to start kicking ass on a week of tech rehearsals for Charlies Chocolate Cabaret. (If you're in the area and your wicked little heart desires tickets, you can get them here!)

Move over, Mercury Retrograde! We've got things to do.

In other news, I need your help.

In the VERY near future, I'll be introducing a new segment on the blog: "Ask a Dreamsicle"!

I'll be answering questions. Any questions: existential crisis, secrets, rice krispie treat recipes, thoughts on getting-it-done, thesis research or a good back rub. Anything you want to know.

Leave your questions in the comments, or inbox me on facebook!

Let's be silly and have a good time. I can't wait.

What are your burning questions?

Stay Fabulous, Kittens.
Kick the weekend in the shins! XO

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eff That: Feel Better Right Now

Sometimes it feels like we're Stuck-- that everyone around us is succeeding to our detriment and our day to day becomes a Shit Buffet of Annoyances or worse, boring runny oatmeal.

It becomes routine to compare our stack to strangers and take a morbid joy in confirming the laundry list of why Everything Sucks:

 All of the serial TV we're supposed to be ingesting. All the weight we're supposed to be shedding. All the anonymous sex we're supposed to be having. All the money we're supposed to be making. All the "Real Jobs" we're supposed to be engrossed in. All the misery we're supposed to wallow in to be taken seriously. All the enormous static Swedish apartments we're supposed to live in. All the non stop hours of magazine worthy debauchery with countless sexy friends....

Fuck that.  Stop doing that to yourself. It's exhausting. 

Comparison is the thief of Joy and your Joy is fucking powerful. 

So how do we get out of the rut? How do we stop the cycle of comparison? How do we stop feeling like garbage?

We express Gratitude.

Check this out-- Let's feel better RIGHT now.  All you have to do is read. Ready? 

[*Gold stars for anyone who writes down the answers.*]

Think of 5 humans you love-- the first ones that come to mind. Keep going if you want.

Think of an animal companion you loved in the past or presently love in this dimension.

Think about the comfort of your bed.

Think about the last hot shower you took and that you have a space to be clean.

Think about the color of the four walls around you and what the floor feels like beneath you.

Think about your lungs filling and cells dividing without your help. It's a cool trick.

Think about your job and the way it supports you. (If you hate your job, think of something or someone at work that you do like.)

Think about a beautiful place that you've visited. It can be any place.

Think about how your clothes feel on your body: their weight, their texture. 

Think about your closet and your sock drawer and all the bits in them.

Think about your favorite record. (Don't over think it. Just love it.)

Think about each individual hair on your head and how weird that is.

Think about a gift you've received. Any gift. Or all the gifts.

Think about the last thing you ate.

Think of the last time you played with friends.

Think about the sun hanging out in space and how good that exploding ball of gas feels.

Think of one person who thinks you are the bees knees. (It's more than perfect if it's your mom.)

Think about how you're feeling right now: How Full and real your life actually is

Realistically the list could go on, but we have shit to do today. 

I am grateful for your visit and your readership, kitten.

What are you feeling grateful for? Meow it in the comments!

Let's be better & feel better. xo

Monday, February 3, 2014

Magic Monday: Encounters

It was 1:38 a.m.

We were driving through the frozen desert of downtown on our way back from a gig in Madison. There were no other humans, no other cars:

Just fog crawling out of grates and the heavy breathing of vents.

A fire hydrant had burst-- spewing water onto the street, creating in icy river through the intersection. As we stopped to investigate the new stream, a red fox came out of the shadows and onto the sidewalk.

The fox sauntered into the street and up to the edge of the hydrant spill to take a drink as it it were a brook in the woods . 

She lingered for a few moments in the yellow street light.

My eyes were wide. A few days ago, I had drawn the Fox from a medicine deck. Fox is about camouflage, being sure-footed, moving gracefully through situations and adaptability.

I couldn't help but smile. I adore freaky accidents.

As we drove away, I wondered about what other creatures might be hiding in places we've forgotten about, what other secret magic happens while we're sleeping--

what other encounters take place that we'll never be wise too. 

Dream on, Kittens.

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