Sunday, January 19, 2014

Magic Monday

This was not my idea. I stole it. Lots of bloggers do it-- but after reading this brilliant muse week after week, I just couldn't help myself. Welcome to Magic Monday! In this segment I'll be sharing inspirations, secrets and treasures to start the week.

Who knows, there might even be some oracular channeling. It depends on my protein intake...

For the first Magic Monday of the year, I wanted to show you my 2014 vision board.

Don't groan.

I know what your thinking. "Blah blah blah dream boards are hippie woo woo..."

You're probably right. But I made one last year, visited it often, held it in my chest and subconscious and guess what?  

All of it happened. Bring me all of the woo woo, please.

What wishes are you holding on to? What are you trying to create for yourself?

Sharing is Caring-- I'd love to hear your meows in the comments.

Whisker Kisses,

1 comment:

  1. LOL dream boards are hippie! Love doing dream boards. Yours is a great one. Glad it came true. Happy Magic Monday!