Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Not Stupid

Everyone is talking New Years Resolutions--either touting impressive self improvement
manifestos or snarling about them being vapid doomed-to-failure bullshit.

Some of them have already withered on the vine. Others are well on their way.

[A few thoughts on resolutions:]

Firstly, for the haters, of course a bad plan with no intention of completion is going to implode.  That's not insight, that's Science. So, stop feeling so smug. Think something more interesting.

Secondly, for the Dreamers, don't let anyone tell you your resolutions are stupid. They might be lofty (or not), impractical or vaguley dangerous, but they're not stupid.

Haters, it's time to put on your ear muffs.

{Even if your resolutions don't make sense to anyone else, it's okay. It's no one's effing business but yours.}

Resolution makers, I like you. You're the kind of animal that realizes the world isn't actually shitting on you. You're the kind of animal that's going to take care of business and get happy the best way you know how.

You're going to be fine.

You probably smell nice, too.

 Lastly, the tradition of New Years Day being a mass metamorphosis where we all emerge as weight loosing, vegan, girl scout Butterflies and flutter out into the cosmos can seem trite.

Okay, it is trite.

However, any moment that you decide to reflect on your life, put on some pants and make big kid decisions is a good moment.

We always say that we'll do it "later" when "we have more time", dependant on the delusion of dreamy future that consists of twenty-five hour days, and eight day weeks...

You don't get more time. This moment is a good moment.

So whether or not you have resolved to floss your dogs teeth every day or eat fifty pounds of raw almonds, I'm pulling for you.

Let's take care of business.

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