Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Milwaukee: You're Not Ugly

Image by Mike Fisk

Dear Milwaukee,

Some people are running their mouths saying you're ugly this time of year.

I want you to know that I don't believe that. Yes, the strings winking lights have been boxed up and inflatable snowmen stowed away to mildew until next year. It can seem a bit bleak.

But you're in transition. I'd like to see anyone feel pretty in transition. Heck, butterflies spend a majority of their life looking like something an owl barfed up and no one talks shit about them. Metamorphosis is a lot of quiet and sometimes homely work.

Don't be down on yourself. We all go through it.

See, you're powerful and unpredictable in the winter. Some people are afraid of that. I think it's sexy.

And as you shift, I will continue to adore your wind twisted icicle fringe, copacetic fog and otherworldly glaciers gracing the lake. I will be surprised and delighted by your sporadic sneezes of snow, bright moons over the water and sun painted skyline. You look so lovely in the sunset.

In a few short weeks you'll be dressed for spring, and I'll love you then too.

Forever Yours,

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