Tuesday, January 7, 2014

15 Ways To Get Inspired Now

Image by Herbert Bayer 1938

The holidays are long gone, winter is in full bore and truthfully, we feel a bit hungover. Maybe
a little motivational malaise or creative constipation? Here are 15 Ways to Get Inspired Now!

1) Pick out a book on your shelf, open it to the middle, put your finger in the center of the page and read the sentence where you've landed. Start writing from there...

2) Walk into a cafe-- perhaps one you've never visited before-- and let the server order for you.

3) Sit at a coffee shop and creep on a stranger. Write down the results.

4) Ask your friends what they are listening to RIGHT NOW. Stereomood is great for this. 

5) Wander around the library with no particular treasure in mind. Perusing the "New Arrivals" section is always rewarding.

6) Go to the grocery store and shop for a rainbow meal: red ingredients, orange ingredients, yellow ingredients, and so on.

7) Be a tourist in your city. Visit a neighborhood you've never explored, or document your own neighborhood for alien archeologists. 

8) Make room for new ideas by walking through your home with a garbage bag and getting rid of ten things.

9) Rearrange one room of furniture-- even if it doesn't make sense right away. Re imagine your space. There is energy there!

10) Create a collage with magazine clippings about what you want your life to feel like. There is no wrong way to do it!

11) Get a tarot or palm reading. It's not scary--it's enlightening. Try this one!

12) Take a little trip-- across the street, across town, across the state, across the galaxy.

13) Get a haircut. I'm not sure why this works, but it does.

14) Find a place to experience nature. It can be difficult in the dead of winter, so make a date to visit a botanical garden, a green house, garden supply center or a flower shop.

15) Make a Gratitude List. Top 5 Things You are Thankful For in This Moment. Go!

How do you get the juices flowing?

Party On,

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  1. Love it! I will try several of those things for sure! Thanks for the inspiration.