Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Worst Case Scenario: Survival Tips

Would you go camping without a sleeping bag or matches? Would you drive your car through the
desert without a spare tire? Would you plunge into the Amazon rainforest without a machette?

Would you host a party without making life saving arrangements? Of course not. Because you're a smart kitten. Be Prepared! Here are a few tips on how to be a party scout:

1) Remember the ice. Like mountains of it.

2) If you are robbing people of their shoes at the door, provide them with a pair of slippers. I talk about why here.

3) You will always need more toilet paper than you expected.

4) Don't feel pressured to provide an unending fountain of beverages. It's your job to make your guests feel welcome, not to get them stinky drunk.  If a guest is stinky drunk, it's your job to give them a sparkling water and arrange their ride.

5) It's okay and sometimes necessary to have an Off-Limits Space. Having guests means we're sharing your space, not we're moving in. This is the perfect place to keep personal items, let a relative make a phone call, let shy pets take shelter...and take a shot before dinner.

6) If dinner goes to shit in the oven. Don't panic. Chinese take-out on your grandmothers china will make an amazing "hey remember that one Christmas..." story. Would eating cake for dinner really be the worst thing that's ever happened? More like The Best Thing That's Ever Happened.

7) If a guest decides to take dinner conversation in an uncouth direction, be prepared with a good knock-knock joke. The party will get the hint and shift chit chat to something more pleasant.

8) Messes happen. Entire bottles of red wine will spill on the carpet. Crystal glasses will smash on the floor. Couches will start on fire. (True story.)  It's okay. It's just stuff. Keep your fire extinquisher and broom where you can see them.

9) It is okay to ask your guests to bring something. They want to. Let them. You'll both be happier.

10) Relax. Your guests don't expect perfection. They expect to be together. An fun imperfect party is far superior to a perfect bore.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dreamsicle Headquarters!

Party On, Muffins.

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  1. What perfect advice - and just what I need, knowing that I'll be having a difficult guest over tomorrow!

  2. Nice list of tips here. Have a wonderful celebration!

  3. Great tips! Have a great Christmas!


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