Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Words To Share

Yehaw! 31 days of blogging! To be fair, due to the upheaval of a loss in our tribe, "31 Days of Blogging" really became "31 Days of Writing".

Christmas and the following snowy day were spent finding the right words to share to commemorate my Grandpa's incredible life and cuddling up with family.

Kickin it Old Skool wants to know what I will celebrate about this past month and the Blogathon: 

For me, this month was about knowing a deep sense of family, sharing loss, and story telling.
Gratitude. Always Gratitude.

The Blogathon became a daily meditation (meditations can be silly, you know...) that I looked forward to.
 The practice of Writing Every Day was challenge. And it felt great. 

I'd like to thank those of you who have visited me along the way and for your sweetness. Thank you to all of the participating blog hotties--it has been a treat to peek into your lives.

I'm looking forward to bringing you all sorts of bodacious new content in the new year!

Happy Writing, Puddings,

Let's stay in touch!




  1. Thanks for participating! I didn't succeed in blogging every day, but I'm still proud of me too. ;)
    All the best in 2014. I liked your FB-page.

  2. I enjoyed reading about life from your perspective Molly. All the best in your endeavors in 2014!

  3. The photo of your grandpa sparkles with joy. I witness your loss and send my best for 2014.