Monday, December 2, 2013

Time Capsule

[Time Capsule] Today Kickin' it Old Skool asks us to give you a slice of the present. I know you're dying to know what color socks I'm wearing, so let's get to it. 

What are you reading? Currently, I'm editing a gun-slinger novel for a friend. It goes everywhere with me. It's covered in coffee, pen and I dropped a piece of pizza on it. Whoops!

What are you watching? I must admit, I don't really watch TV. Not because I'm too cool but because I don't have cable and our antenna doesn't work. When I do indulge at my parents house, I love watching Swamp People and yelling at the TV with my brother. GATORS! It's a morbid curiosity kind of thing...

What are you listening to? At the moment, I'm in songwriting mode which means my music consumption is down. (We'll be making a new Tigernite record in the spring.) However, I am obsessed with Foxy Shazam. And will be. Forever.

What am I loving? Tiki drinks on cold nights, mustache parties, playing rock & roll for sweaty humans, art openings, band practice on spider island, purple coats, my pink furry couch, time with my tribe, lights going up and left over pie.

What am I wearing? I'm a resale addict. Let me show you.

What are you creating? Window displays, punk rock parties, a marlin, a wedding, new tunes, travel plans for the new year and a post apocalyptic fashion opera.

What are you looking forward to?  How kick ass 2014 will be, returning to WonderWonder, Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, tour plans, learning more about Illustrator, road trips, and hosting the holidays at my house for the first time. <3

What does your Time Capsule look like, Kittens?

With love from the Future Past,


  1. So thrilled you are participating Molly and man, you rock! I love reclaiming clothing too and had no idea you did novel editing, so cool.

  2. That jacket you are wearing in your reclaimed photo--hot, i love it. Seriously kicking fashion sense, so congrats on that.
    And you shouldn't watch much tv, its awful for you--I'll take your share and that way no one gets hurt. deal? lol
    Have a great day!

  3. What a great sense of style you have. I'm a musician also, but in different genres perhaps. So great to get to know other multi-creatives!

  4. You have a fabulous sense of style! Totally rocking!

  5. You are always up to so much awesomeness it's just amazing. I love that purple jacket!! Oh, and this is the first time I'm hearing of Foxy Shazam and WOW, I am LIKING HIM!!

  6. I love Swamp People! So glad that they have subtitles at times! LOL

  7. I think I'm about to swoon over the whole concept of "Costume of the Week." Love, love and double love. *sigh*