Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Low Down

The French Quarter, New Orleans 2013 My favorite train trip of all time.

Kickin' it Old Skool wants to know 10 things about you. Let's cook.
1) My nails are real. I decided to let my kitten claws grow after seeing pictures of "stilleto" manicures. I never leave home without my emery board. They make GREAT cat scratchers.
2) Sometimes I have dreams about all of my teeth falling out and it feels like a handfull of legos in my mouth.
3) I've secretly always wanted to be a burlesque dancer. And a voodoo queen. And a Mermaid. At the same time.
4) My favorite song is a tie between Shelter From The Storm and Desolation Row. (Let's be honest, Bob Dylan is my favorite song.)  My favorite band is Coheed and Cambria. I've seen them live six times and it gets better every time.

5) As a tween I wanted to be an opera singer but was informed that the only thing my voice was "good for" was "radio or phone sex". It's not all bad though-- it lead me to my life purpose: being in a Rock and Roll band.
6) Watching movies is difficult for me. I want to enjoy the picture but I can't sit still! Unless I'm at the theater. Then it's double-down popcorn dinner time.  
7) My muffin took me to see "Edward Scissorhands: The Ballet" and I cried like a baby. The ticket stub is tucked in my jewelry box.
8) On that note, I experience frisson and ASMR on a regular basis, which is awesome--but can be embarassing. Like when you burst into tears over a great marching band drill. Some people can talk to angels, others can solve mathematical phenomena while I am happily overwhelmed by sound of folding paper. It's a weird world.
9) I have two tattoos: my parents names. "Mark" on my left wrist and "Sally" on the right. My goal for 2014 is to have my brother and sister inked as well.
10) One of my fondest memories from childhood was stumbling on a horse stable in the woods while on a walk with my grandparents. I made a stick horse drawing in my eight-year-old diary to document the experience. I've kept diaries my entire life.

Alright, it's your turn. Spill your guts!

Stay Strange, Loves.



  1. AWESOME! So NICE to learn more about you Molly! LOVE the photo of you above.

  2. That is a gorgeous photo at the top of your post! I so loved reading this! And I, too, have kept diaries my entire life - starting with drawings and then words. To this day I write every single day in my diary. My husband keeps me well-stocked so I never run out of books to write in. =)

  3. I have heard Dylan too many husband loves him. Me? not so much.
    But over the past few days I have become a bit fascinated by you and your that a bit creepy? hope not.

  4. I wanted to sing opera, too! But was told by a professional coach that my voice was pretty, but nothing special... oh well. I used to sing in a Big Band, and then joined a Celtic-ethnojazz group... but right now am silent b/c I haven't found the right group in San Diego.

    Love that portrait of you!

  5. #3 - totally! love your list and your style!

  6. You so rock Molly. I wanted to be a singer growing up but my voice is just annoying. I love that you are a rock star, in so many ways.

  7. I love every item on this list - what a wonderful peek into the world of you.

  8. What a fun list. I had never heard the term frisson before, but now that I have, I realize I've experienced it many times before.

  9. I was stunned. STUNNED. when i first read this post of yours the other day. I wanted to comment then but I was on my iPhone and, for whatever reason, I am finding commenting impossible on it. I'm glad I remembered to come back and thank you for this, tonight. You see, I also experience frisson and ASMR, but I HAD NO FREAKING IDEA THERE WERE TERMS FOR THESE FEELINGS!!! I have been trying to explain these things to people FOR YEARS. I can't tell you how surprised I was to find out these were actually a thing. Thank you!!!