Monday, December 16, 2013

The Highway Mixtape

Kickin' it Old Skool wants us to devulge our Mix Tape Diaries and spill our favorite songs.

This is like asking someone to pick their favorite child.

Favorite song, favorite record, favorite band. I always choke. I get sad thinking about the astronomical mass of amazing music there is floating around in the world, and that I only have two ears and will never hear most of it.

If I were granted a wish, that couldn't be something noble like abolishing hunger or a triumphant restoration of human rights, but something really fun and selfish-- I'd wish for a soundtrack to follow me for all of my waking hours.

Since we're getting hypothetical, if I were granted a super power it would be the ability to recall any song lyric ever written. It's where the good parts of humans are retained. A soul museum.

Songs have a special physics that preserve moments in time, artifacts of smells, friends we've forgotten, places we miss or are glad to be free of.

They're just like the rest of the Universe-- infinite and expanding.


I have different types of favorite songs: Driving at night songs, getting ready songs, mourning songs, party songs, being alone songs, favorite word songs, favorite guitar solo songs, favorite live songs...

These are few of my Favorite Songs to Hear in The Car.

I Would Do Anything For Love [Meatloaf]
Wig in a Box [Hedwig and The Angry Inch]
Highway 61 [Bob Dylan]
Ace of Spades [Motorhead]
Favor House Atlantic [Coheed and Cambria]
Wannabe Angel [Foxy Shazam]
Bad Reputation [Joan Jett and The Black Hearts]
When The Levee Breaks [Led Zeppelin]
Miss Atomic Bomb [The Killers
Blue Orchid [The White Stripes]
Born To Run [The Boss]

What do you listen to while tearing through the desert?

Rock and Roll XO

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  1. Fab list and yea, it is so hard to pick.