Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Secret Ingredient

Kickin' it Old Skool asks us to share our best recipe.  I'm really not much of a cook.  However, I have a few tried and true classics to share with you:

A Recipe for Disaster:
-Care too much about what other people think of you.
- Go along with the plan even when it hurts your senses.
-Be sure to never rock the boat, it may be upsetting to others.
-Continue to believe that depriving yourself of what your body needs leads to increased productivity.

A Recipe for An Ass Kicking Cup of Coffee
-spoonful of roasted dandelion root (grab them from the yard, bake 'em, grind in your coffee grinder.)
-pinch cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and cloves
-toss it all into a french press, along with your favorite coffee. Steep!
-Stir in a spoon full of honey and get shit DONE.

A Recipe for a Perfect Outfit
--Wear whatever the hell you want.
--Add a  great hat. 
--Remember you are never over dressed. Others are just under prepared.

A Recipe for the "Molly Roberts" Cocktail (The College Edition)
--Empty half of a room-temperature PBR tallboy into your gullet.
--Fill the second half of the can with bottom shelf vodka from your pocket.
--Ash your cigarette on top. Shake gently and say, "This party sucks..."

A Recipe for my Actual Favorite Cocktail.
--Equal parts dry champagne and St. Germaine in a lovely chilled glass. 

A Recipe for Awesome
--Make a plan.
--Realize plan may change.
--Commit tiny bits of Real Love and Energy to the plan everyday.
--Stay grateful for the things you have while working on the new thing you want.
--Align yourself with people who are aligned with you. <--- DO NOT SUBSTITUTE.
--Be amazed.

What are your best recipes?

Bon Appetite,

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