Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa Sighting: Radio Milwaukee and Girls Rock MKE

Last night, Tigernite spent a night on the town at the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Music awards. We kicked off the evening with a Yellow Phone networking event at Prodigal Gastropub. (Yellow Phone is an organization that helps musicians connect with buyers, agents and venues.)

 If you think speed dating is awkward-- try speed dating as a band. Despite spilling a beer all over myself like a bad ass--twice, it was an incredibly fruitful evening. I would recommend this event to any Milwaukee musician. Then, off to the awards!

The radio station's new Walkers Point digs are pretty swank! As always, Video Villians punched up the party with great visuals. While the awards ceremony itself was a little loosey goosey for my constitution (can't ever leave my Event Planner Brain at home...) it was great to see good friends and cheer on eachothers contributions to our city. 

Support. It's a good thing.

However, the highlight of the evening came after the awards. We saddled up and headed to Palomino to visit our friends at Girls Rock Milwaukee-- an organization that empowers young women through music. Not only did we get to view performances and hear original songs by the Girls Rock campers--We were lucky enough to cuddle up with Santa!

Tonight we're off to The Friendship Show!

What are you up to this weekend?

Rock & Roll xo,

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