Friday, December 13, 2013

My First.

Today Kickin' it Old Skool presents My First...Trip to New Orleans.

I say my first trip because I will be coming back for her.

She is an alternate dimension, a City of the Dead and Exuberantly Living. This was a journey I'd been waiting to make my entire life. This was a Holy mission.  I struggle to write about this wet and curious place because I feel as though I lack the juicy poetry to worship her adequately.

Not to get all "hippy woo-woo" on you, but the energy of New Orleans is surreal. The mix of history, hardship, bodies beneathe every courtyard and knowing that your city is sinking is an intoxicating and menacing vibration. 

Have you ever found yourself if a place you've never been, but you know you've been there before? New Orleans is like dreaming about being kissed by someone you know is gone.

I found parts of myself scattered over slippery cobblestone, tucked into crypts and staring straight back at me through smudged storefront windows. I left parts of my heart too, so I would know the trail back.
Wait for me,



  1. Yes! I was mesmerized when I was there and tried so hard to take everything in. I think it would take a lifetime though. I love seeing it again through your camera lens.

  2. Delicious post about New Orleans. A friend of mine just did her first trip there a few months ago...she too was completed enchanted...

    I really really want to go....

  3. Oh thank you for reminding me about my first trip to New Orleans. That city is magical ! I love everything about it....and I generally don't like cities at all.

  4. Here's to finding your way back soon, and many more times thereafter. There is always much magic afoot.

  5. What a beautiful thing to meet a city that is in your heart and soul, that you can fall in love with again and again.

    I have never been to New Orleans but just recently she called to me. You're inspiring me to answer. And, of course, as a Canadian, I have to go here: