Friday, December 20, 2013

Joan of Arc Adventure

I've been itching to visit this place. It took two tries to get here.  I have always felt a strong affection for Joan of Arc (A shaved witchy saint? You don't say?) and was giddy to finally explore it.

Tucked away behind a library on the Marquette campus downtown, is an unexpected quiet jewel. The hidden Gothic chapel was built in a Frace between 1412 and 1431 and reconstructed Milwaukee in 1966. It is the only structure of it's kind in the western hemisphere.

Past the heavy doors, you are greeted by the warmth and privacy of the tiny chapel where centuries old artwork, tapestries, and stained glass windows are within arms reach.

There are no ticket queues, overeager tour guides or plexiglass boxes. Just the whispering light of candles and your own thoughts. Intimate and breathtaking, it is a truly magical space.

Let's go inside.

Where have you been exploring?

Adventure On,

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