Monday, December 9, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

On our 9th day of the blogathon, Kickin' it Old Skool asks us to bare our cinematic souls.

Honestly, I suck at watching movies. I can't sit still, I'm always asking "what's happening?" and I never seem to ration my snacks properly. (Dark Knight is a LONG movie when you run out of Sourpatch Kids a third of the way through...)

My stomach is a wimp. I don't care for hack-and-slash films. The last thing I want is hyper violent or "torture porn" images sloshing around in my  subconscious. More often than not I find gore movies contain a lot of eroticized rape, slut shaming and female characters with the depth of a paper plate.

I am a fluff conniosseur. A Guilty Pleasure Junkie.

It's all about Rock opera, fables, old school glam, heros, and party time with a killer sound track.


Pass the popcorn,


  1. Good memories of Edward Scissorhands. I relate to carefully choosing what I watch, I think I must have an overactive visual memory :)

  2. LOL - proper snack rationing is of the utmost importance for an excellent viewing experience. Botch that and there's no recovering.

  3. Being the only person at a matinee sounds perfect to me.Thanks for your comment today.
    I really can't take all of the violence that seems to abound in today's movies. If I go to the movies, I want to laugh.

  4. I love your choices! I All have fabulous costumes and awesome music. Love it!

  5. I'm totally with you on not liking violence and gore in movies. I'm stunned when people say, "Well, you just have to be less sensitive." What?! Why are people purposely desensitizing themselves to seeing violence/rape/etc, even if it's "just a story?!" Gah! But I digress...

  6. Legend is on my list, too. I forgot how much I love Edward Scissorhands - that should have been on my list. My list could have been 50 movies long, I think.